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How Can My Child Learn Once I Sign Up?

Shichida Method, Heguru Method, Glenn Doman Method

If you have already joined us... Congratulations and Welcome!

I believe I have said this many times in my other articles throughout the blog and website and I will say it again.

It is very easy for your child to learn using Shichida Method and Heguru theories.

Now, where do you start after joining?

  1. There are 28,919 flash cards and a lot of other right brain materials in the library. So I would suggest you take a tour and familiarise yourself with the library.

  2. Once you are familiar, you can plan your lessons. Please don't be in a hurry to start right away.

  3. Start with a light and easy flash card lesson with your child. The purpose is to build your child's confidence and most importantly, to create a routine for your child. You must make the lessons fun. The lessons must be like their playtime.

  4. Every child is different (in their talent, age, interest and capability). To start your lessons, please follow your child's pace. You may gradually pick up the pace, like flashing much faster or flashing more cards. BUT DON'T OVERDO it! Right brain training takes time and consistent practice. Look for long-term results.

  5. Make sure you have a combination of math flash cards and some language flash cards as well as some of the right brain exercises included in the library.

  6. For your sample lessons, you can refer to the "Home Practice Guide" provided. Remember, you do not need to follow the exact sequence or complete everything.

  7. Most importantly, the Home Practice Guide serves as a guide for you to make your child's daily lessons fun. Let me repeat it must be FUN!

With the variety of topics and exercises for you to flash to your child, I am very sure your child will learn quickly but you must be consistent and do it every day.

Do read the other articles on the blog. I hope the blog answers most of your questions.

If you have any more questions, email us.

Happy teaching!

Best Regards,

David Duncan

Chief Librarian

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