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Now, 26,012 Flash Cards & Right Brain Exercises is Yours. Less Than USD$4.63/mth.


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Follow the Shichida, Heguru & Glenn Doman Method



Start teaching your child from 0 to 9 years of age.

"The earlier you start, the more successful your child will be." 

The library's right brain learning materials give your child a head start by providing the best right brain flashcards based on Shichida, and Heguru. 

It is important to give your child a head start.

"Human Brain Development is Great At Very Young Ages" by C.A. Nelson in from Neurons to Neighbourhoods, 2000.


The library provides you with a complete home practice materials. From eye training exercises to train your child's visual, audio for hearing, flash cards for language and right brain exercises for memory (cognitive function).

All your child's education needs are all right here.

















"SPEED is very important in the Shichida Method.

The right speed will foster fast response and thinking power,

as well as an ability to receive and memorize images instantaneously."

- Professor Makoto Shichida, Founder of The Shichida Method, Japan.



Now you have 26,012 "Shichida, Heguru & Glenn Doman" flash cards and

right brain exercises to teach your child every day.



Every flashcard you use is the highest quality (large, bright, clear and realistic). The flashcards are designed according to Glenn Doman, Shichida and Heguru Method.

Your child will learn and have fun. Click Below.

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcard
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“I have been looking for flashcards for sale online for my daughter's Heguru home practice, and I would give the library the thumbs up! It's the BEST. I could see improvements in my daughter's general knowledge after a  few months. Highly recommended!"

- Sophie L. (Australia)

“I joined your website mainly because I was looking for the Shichida 63 day math program. Everything is automated. All I need to do is just choose the lesson day and flash to my child. It saves me time. I am very happy I found your website. I have more free time now. Thank you."

- Shao Wen (Singapore)

“There are many flash cards for sale on the internet that sells Shichida flash cards and right brain materials. I decided to join because everything is in one place and the price is reasonable. My child enjoys the peg memory, linking story and Mandala. Thank you."

- Takayuki (Kyoto, Japan)

“Sometime ago I bought the full set of Glenn Doman flash cards to teach my baby. Once I finished flashing all the cards, I decided to look for more flash cards and then I found your site. What I like best is the collection of flash cards topics. There are so many topics. With the thousands of flash cards, I do not have to worry about looking for more, because everything is here."

Charlotte (United States)

“My son enjoys your right brain training materials very much, and always looking forward to his lessons at home."

Ruben Nathan (Mumbai, India)

“Teaching Shichida at home is easy now. It's like my teaching assistant. I had difficulties showing the cards less than 1 second per card. With the flashcards video, I can show my Shichida flashcards fast and consistent."

Intan Maisarah (Malaysia)

"I just want to say a BIG THANKS, Am full of year gratitude for all the great work you are doing, first the one-click lessons which changed our lives and now it's easy for me to use the library and lessons for kids. Just keep UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Zohal Z. (Australia)


How do I use the library?

If you are new, you can start with the "Click & Play" one-click lessons. You only need to select the lessons and click to play. OR, you can use the 26,012 flashcards and right brain exercises in the library to teach your child. You get a "Home Practice Guide" which includes teaching tips, charts, step by step lesson plan and many more.

How many flash cards does your child need? 1,000? 26,012?

For your Shichida and Heguru flashcard materials, start with 50 cards and gradually increase to 200 flash cards per day for at least 2 weeks, then move on to other cards. Your child would have finish 200 to 400 flash cards in a month.

With 25,229 flash cards in the library, you have all the materials you need in one place.

* The 25,229 flash cards are unique, no repeats and excluding our foreign language flashcards (Mandarin).

Will my child be able to learn?

Yes, your child will learn. The library follows the teaching method from the original right brain schools - Glenn Doman, Shichida and Heguru. 

The library has all the flashcards, and right brain exercises your child needs. Teaching your child is very easy. You do not need any experience. As a member of the library, you have access to the "Home Practice Guide", which provide you with teaching tips, and daily lesson plan.

How to train/activate my child's right brain function?

The right side of the brain controls creative thinking (imagination, visualisation, memorisation, etc).

The secret to right brain training is SPEED because the right brain functions at lightning speed.

Shichida and Heguru Method recommend parents to show flashcards, 0.5 seconds per flashcard. As for Glenn Doman, he mentioned, "less than 1 second" or "as fast as you can ". ​

The library flashcards meet the SPEED requirements of these right brain schools.

Does the library materials follow the proper right brain education syllabus/curriculum?

You are getting the best right brain training materials following the Shichida, Heguru Method and Glenn Doman theories.

These schools have more to 60 years of experience.


We have personally seen children benefiting from it. All the learning materials added monthly are developed by our experienced Right Brain School teachers strictly following these proven methodologies.

After the training will my child be able to master "Photographic Memory"?

Yes, your child can develop "Photographic Memory".

The Library includes all the photographic training materials in the like the Photographic Memory Training Program, Eye Training, Peg Memory, Image Play, Linking Memory, Mandala and many others to practice with your child. Just keep practising, and your child will tremendously improve their memory.

When I join, what level should my child start at?

The Shichida program is tailored for children ages 6 months to 9 years old. We structured all the flashcards according to Shichida, with different level of competencies. The "Home Practice Guide" provides you with a curriculum to follow. It is very easy.

If I have any questions about the library, who shall I contact?

Click on the "Talk To Us" link and our very experience Member Support Team will assist you.

You can ask about the membership, advice on your child's education or on how to use the library.


We are here to support you.

What does your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee consist of?

We know your child will love the library. However, if you are not satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30 days by going to the "Talk To Us" link.

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Instant access to 26,012 flash cards and right brain exercises.

Enjoy high definition (HD) quality picture flash cards.

You can use the library as many times in a day.

Easy to follow instructions are provided.

You can use on multiple devices like iPad, iPhone, Andriod and others.

We will support you.

Just contact us.

Join The Library Today. Less Than $4.63/month.
"Right Brain Education Library 
is all about creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Expand your child's thinking abilities by joining the library."

- David Duncan (Chief Librarian, Right Brain Education Library.Com)