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The First and World's Largest Right Brain Education Library!

15,000+Flash Cards for your child to learn from.

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Why start your child's education now?

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Start teaching your child from 0 to 6 years of age. 

Research has proven that the earlier you start your child on their education the more successful your child will be.

So if your child is a newborn or up to six years of age, this library is the one for your child.

The library materials are based on proven education theories from Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman. 

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Give your child a head start.

"Human Brain Development Is Greatest At Very Young Ages" by C.A. Nelson in From Neurons to Neighborhoods, 2000.

The library has all the learning materials your child need. From eye training exercises to train your child's visual, audio for hearing, flash card for language to right brain exercises for memory (cognitive function).

All your child's education needs are all right here.  

How can your child benefit from the library?

  • Your child will learn their ABCs and 123s
  • Learn to add, subtract and do multiplication
  • Improve vocabulary and learn new words everyday
  • Develop your child's photographic memory
  • Develop critical and problem solving skills
  • Acquire speed reading ability
  • Good memory retention 

"It is very easy to teach your child, because your child already has the natural ability to learn."

- David Duncan (Chief Librarian, Right Brain Education Library.Com)

Your Complete Library Collection

As a member your child gets to enjoy all the flash cards and right brain exercises in the library. 

thumb Home Practice Guide

thumb 65 & 63-Day Math Program

thumb Baby Flash Cards

thumb Random and Organize Dot Flash Cards

thumb Math Flash Cards (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)

thumb Alphabet Flash Cards

thumb Children Flash Cards

thumb Vocabulary Flash Cards

thumb Alpha Music

thumb Eye Exercise Charts

thumb Image Play


Image Eye Training

thumb Peg Memory

thumb Linking Story

thumb Mandala

thumb Speed Reading

thumb Phonics Reading


Sight Words (Dolch Words)

thumb Most Common Words in English

thumb Basic Mandarin (普通話) Flash Cards

thumb Basic Spanish(Español) Flash Cards (coming)

thumb Basic Russian (Русский язык) Flash Cards (coming)


Home Practice Guide

Teaching your child just got easier.

Whether you are new or experienced in right brain education, our easy step by step guide will help your child learn like the ways taught in Shichida or Heguru right brain classes. Get insider tips on how your child can learn that are unavailable on the internet.



65 Day & 63 Day Math Program

Master super speed calculation using the Shichida way.

It is based on Shichida Method theories that were developed by Professor Makoto Shichida. There are two types of math program, the 63 day (New Simplified) and the 65 day (Original). The program trains your child to develop super speed calculation (ie. when your child look at the card full of dots, he can tell how many dots there are instantly). The program will cover quantity 1 - 100 for 65 day math and 1 - 50 for 63 day math. This program covers topics from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and multitudinous operations (longer operations with brackets). For the first time, we have made this math program even easier to teach your child. All you need is to select the day (ie. Day 1, Day 2,....Day 65) you want and just flash the cards.



Baby Flash Cards

Your baby's 1st flash cards.

This program is suitable for new-borns up to few months old. This program is to train your baby to focus. Babies at this age are developing their visual sensors. The flash cards are printable and in black, white, and red because babies at this age can see in these colours.



Random and Organized Dot Flash Cards

Begin your child's math here.

When you want to teach your child to count, YOU MUST start by teaching this topic first. The dots on the flash cards represent a number. 1,2,3s are symbols that tells the number of object on the card. Random and organized dots are techniques first developed by Professor Glenn Doman and are also used by all right brain schools to teach children how to count while also training the right side of their brain.



Math Flash Cards (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)

Learning math anywhere & anytime.

Get your child to learn to count at an early age and preparing them for school. When learning is easy for your child, learning will be fun for them. Your child will learn their addition, subtraction, and multiplication here. Start now.

Click here to try it out >



Alphabet Flash Cards

Start your child's ABC lessons now.

Widen your child's knowledge with our collection of hundreds of Alphabet flash cards. We have covered a whole lot of objects, starting with each letter of the alphabet (A to Z).



Children Flash Cards

Expand your child's knowledge and discover thousands of new words everyday.

Your child will have thousands of flash cards to learn from. Our children flash cards consist of hundreds of topics from types of Flowers, Car Parts, Types of Birds, Medical Supplies, Types of Vegetables, Condiments, Glassware, Invertebrates, and many more topics.

Click here to try it out >



Vocabulary Flash Cards

Learn new words everyday.

This consist of thousands of words flash cards starting from A to Z. Let your child learn thousands of new words and pronunciation. At the same time practicing their right brain exercises by flashing at a fast speed.



Alpha Relaxation Music

Your child's relaxation music is here.

You will get three specially composed, downloadable songs. The soothing music will encourage you and your child to be in a relaxed mode and concentrate better. The right side of the brain works better in a relaxed state of mind. This is known as the "Alpha" state. Get your child to unwind and relax, then you can start teaching.



Eye Training Exercise Charts

Improve your child's speed learning.

As your child is developing their motor skills like using their hands, fingers, head, tongue and other muscles, you can also train their eye muscles for coordination and peripheral vision. These exercises are always practiced in all right brain classes before you start their flash card lessons, photographic memory, or speed reading exercises. Parents often overlook these exercises. We highly recommend you use these VERY SIMPLE printable exercises with your child. It is VERY IMPORTANT!



Image Play

Develop your child's imagination now.

This is part of Shichida right brain stimulation program. The library comes with two audio exercises which gets your child to lie down, relax and practice imagining. The program is suitable for all ages. By practicing this program your child will improve their creativity.



Image Eye Training

Open your child's eyes to new possibilities.

This training is a photographic memory exercise. The concept is to stare at the dot in the center of the image for about 30 seconds and then close your eyes. You should be able to see an after image in secondary colors. The after image will appear for awhile and then disappears. With more practice the after image will appear longer and eventually you can see the after image in primary colors.



Peg Memory

Now your child can learn how to memorize.

It is memory exercise practised by Heguru to memorize and recall a list of items in a particular order. These exercises are in e-flash card format and printable charts.



Linking Story

The right brain technique of memorizing.

This is part of a photographic memory exercise used by the Shichida Method and Heguru, where your child has to remember a "story" and link the story with the image in the flash cards in sequence. You will have the option of e-flash cards and printable charts.



Right Brain Mandala for Kids

Learn photographic memory through colours.

These exercises are photographic memory exercises, that train your child to remember the multiple different colours on the patterns on the flash card. You start with three different colours and move up to six. Just let your child to see the colourful pattern on the card for a few seconds, and then give him a card with the same pattern without the colours. Your child should try to recall the different colours on the pattern. This particular exercise is available in printable format. Your child needs a lot of practice to master this exercise. Let your child enjoy these educational games.



Speed Reading

Your child's 1st speed reading program.

This program is a basic speed reading program for your child to start with. There are cartoons, sound effects, interesting stories, and many others in this program. Your child will love this program.



Phonics Reading

Basic "learn how to read" program (Part 1)

Every child must learn phonics. This program follows the Montessori syllabus, and this is "The Complete System" of everything your child needs to learn on pronunciation. The program consist of Phonics Sound, Consonant Blend (Final Blends), Consonant Blend (Initial Blends), Double Consonant Blend, and Vowels.



Sight Words (Dolch Words)

Basic "learn how to read" program (Part 2)

The most frequently used and repeated words (for example ....a, is, for, I, and, that). At the same time many of these words cannot be phonetically sounded out easily. Sight words consist of 220 words and it is important that your child learn phonics reading and sight words.



Most Common Words in English

Basic "learn how to read" program (Part 3)

Learn 100 most common words your child will use when they are reading and writing. The words in the library are based on the Oxford English Corpus.



Basic Mandarin

Learn hundreds of new Chinese characters in Mandarin.

This the best time for your child to learn a new language. Learn math, vocabulary, and many others in Mandarin, there will be hundreds of new cards will be added from time to time.


Member's Review

"My 2 sons have been exposed to right brain training since 1.5 & 2.5 years old. I have enrolled them in Shichida for 2 years and have recently stopped. I have been DIY-ing materials for them to do at home, but somehow I feel that there is a lack in something that Shichida Class has, and I am not able to do myself. They are the image training, speed reading, and the speed flashing of flash cards.

I happened to come across the Right Brain Education Library, and I find it very useful. Everything can be done via ipad or a smart phone. It is so convenient. I can do home practice in the car or restaurant. All the practices come with instructions to teach us the correct way to use the material. There is also Alpha Music to download too. Now, I play it when we are doing home practice, resting, or sleeping.

I also like the 65 days dot programme. I used to do it via flash cards but I couldn't use it on holidays during the 65 days period because it is very troublesome to bring along the flash cards. But with this website, I can do it anytime, anywhere, and at any speed I like. By the way, all the flash cards comes in 4 different speeds.

As a parent who believed in right brain training, I have truly benefited from this programme. I hope more parents will benefit from it too. At the price of USD$298 for a lifetime membership, it is surely worth it if you plan to have more than 1 child. If you do a calculation, one term of Shichida is about S$800. Home practice is very important. Don't expect to see miracles from just 45 mins of class per week. The website - Right Brain Education Library is the Best Choice."

- Kareen N. (Singapore)

"I have been looking for Glenn Doman flash cards online, and I am glad I found your website. My kid loves it."

- John Tarrabia (Australia)

"My baby enjoys the flash cards very much. Also thank you for your patience and support from your customer service team"

- Ivan K. (Russia)

"My son likes your flash cards very much. Especially the dots math flash cards. He is now able to count after only 2 weeks. Thanks."

- Sook Chong (Malaysia)

Your Membership Benefits

Full access to all the 15,000 flash cards and right brain exercises.
You can use the library as many times in a day.
You can use your iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.
Enjoy high definition quality picture flash cards.
Very easy instructions are provided for all the materials
Our team will guide and support you. You only need to contact us.  .

12 Reasons Why Your Child Will Benefit...

Where can I find enough flash cards to teach my child?

You can find in bookstores, websites, or by exchanging with other parents. The issue is finding a good variety of flash cards other than the regulars (like apple, boy, cat, dog...). You may be able to find good flash cards if you look hard enough. Or you can just join us. We have everything your child needs.

So SAVE TIME AND MONEY by joining the library.

How many flash cards does your child need? 1000? 15,000+?

It is recommended you start with 100 cards per session and gradually increase to 200 or more. You should repeat the same flash cards for at least 1 week to 2 weeks, then move on to other cards. That means you take around 10 weeks to finish 1,000 flash cards. 

When you join the library it will take your child to finish 300 week (about 5 years and 130 days) to finish 15,000 flash cards. YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONCE and you can have the 15,000+ flash cards. 

Which is better? An online e-library OR physical flash cards?

It is the same!

But online have additional advantage like:

- Saving on storage space

- Convenience and flexibility. You can take the flash card materials with you anywhere.

- More organized. All the Library materials are all arranged in proper sequence, so it easy for you to access it and look for what you want. 

Ultimately, what you get is CONVENIENCE, FLEXIBILITY and CONTROL.

Will my child be able to learn?

YES, I guarantee your child will learn.

Every child has different talents: some see results right away, some take more time. 

So give your child sometime to develop and nurture their talent.

You also need to have a  positive attitude,

so your child will have a positive energy and will learn more effectively.

to learn better and faster. 

Follow your child's pace and give them some time, and your child will surely be ahead in their education.

Does the library materials follow the proper right brain education syllabus?

All the learning materials follows the Shichida and Heguru Method theories. These schools have close to 40 years of experience. We have personally seen children benefiting from it. All the materials are developed by our experienced Right Brain School teachers, so you can be sure your child learns using the right materials.

What educational materials should I buy? There are so many out there in the market, and I am confused.

Well, you could do your research or perhaps take a risk and buy them anyway. Or you could consider ours. We have developed a complete set of right brain materials and put them in one.

When you join us, you have a risk free 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

After the training, will my child be able to master "Photographic Memory"?

Yes, your child can develop "photographic memory."   

It takes a lot of practice and patience. 

We do have all the photographic training materials in the e-library like the Eye Training, Image Play, Linking Memory, Mandala and many others to practice with your child.  

I have no idea how to teach and I have no time.

It is so easy with our "Home Practice Guide" and product instructions given. All you need to do is follow along. You only need 15 MINUTES A DAY, at any time when your child is in a good mood. Just pull out your iPad or laptop and start your lesson.

I have been getting a lot of advice from blogger on the net. Which of them are reliable? 

There are a lot of misleading information on the internet Some advice is good, but some is just wrong. We at Right Brain Education Library do not claim to be a "Guru" but we get all of our facts from the three main Right Brain Schools (Glenn Doman, Shichida Method, and Heguru)

When I join, what level should my child start at? 

In Right Brain Education, there are no levels. Just go according to your child's capability. You should start off with something a little easier for your child to build your child's confidence.

How long is the Lifetime Membership valid?

You membership has no expiration date. The library has been around for more than ten years Your child will sure benefit from our years of experience in developing right brain materials.

Do I have to pay anymore when new materials are updated? 

You only pay ONCE.

New materials will be updated are yours to use (no additional cost).

What does your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee consist of?  

If you don't like the library, just ask for a refund within 30 days by going to the "Contact Us" link. We use PayPal as our preferred merchant, they are the world's most reliable payment gateway. So your rights are taken care. 

Your child will have fun learning their ABCs, Math, right brain exercises and many more. 

If I have any questions about the library, who shall I contact?

Click on the "Contact Us" link and our very experience Customer Service Team will assist you.

You can ask about the membership, advise on your child's education or on how to use the library.

The membership is not just about the flash cards, but it is about your child. WE ARE HERE SUPPORT YOU.

Membership Options

Join the library and start your child's education here.

* Prices are subject to change.





"Many experts have come to a conclusion that, the earlier you start your child on their education the better the chance for your child to succeed in life. Education is not just about scoring well in exams, it is about creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Prepare your child for their future by starting their education now. Join the library."

- by David Duncan (Chief Librarian Right Brain Education Library.Com)