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Get the Original Right Brain Education materials to teach your baby or toddler at home.

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What is Right Brain Education?
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Now, 44,772 Flash Cards & Right Brain Activities Are Yours.

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Specialising in Right Brain Education Flashcards and Activities for 0 to 7 years old.


Right Brain Method Used by Right Brain Schools, e.g. Glenn Doman, Shichida and Heguru Education.

Why Start Your Child's Education Now?


Early learning education development age 0, 1, 2, 3 to post school.

Start teaching your child from 0 to 7 years of age.

"The earlier you start, the more successful your baby or toddler will be." 

The library's right brain training materials give your child a head start by providing the best and proven right brain flashcards method

graph on early child development from pre natal, baby, toddler to teens

It is important to give your child a head start.

"Human Brain Development is Great At Very Young Ages" by C.A. Nelson in from Neurons to Neighbourhoods, 2000.


The library provides you with complete home practice materials.


Right brain education activities from eye training exercises for your child's visual stimulation, audio for hearing, flash cards for language and right brain exercises for memory (cognitive function). All your child's education needs are all right here.

How Can Your Child Benefit From The Library?













"SPEED is very important in the Right Brain Education Method.

The right speed will stimulate fast response and thinking power,

as well as an ability to receive and memorize images instantaneously."

- David Duncan, Chief Librarian of The Right Brain Education Library.

The Right Brain Library Collection


Now you have 44,772 "Right Brain Education" flash cards, and right brain education activities to
teach your child
every day

Home Practice Guide

Home Practice Guide

Teaching your child online using Right Brain Education is as easy as ABC. You will get practical teaching tips, complete daily lesson, and flashcard charts (based on age and level). All instructions are based on the Right Brain Education Method (Shichida Method, Heguru Method and Glenn Doman Method). At the same time, our support team will help you if you have any questions. Teaching your child is now very easy and fun.

Right Brain Audio

Right Brain Audio

You will get the Alpha Music soundtracks that help your child to relax and concentrate better. BONUS You get the "5 Minutes Auto-Suggestion" Audio to motivate your child. It is for you to play the recordings before your child goes to bed. It is part of programming your child's mind to be more creative, happy, caring and intelligent.

Imaginary Play

Imaginary Play

Develop Your Child's Imagination Now. This is part of the right brain training program to develop your child's image-visualization function. The library comes with two audio exercises which get your child to lie down, relax and practice imagining. The program is suitable for all ages. By practising this program, your child will improve their creativity.

Encyclopedia Flashcards

Encyclopedia Flashcards

"Without knowledge there can be no intelligence." by Glenn Doman. To have encyclopedic knowledge, you have to expose as many cards as possible. These flash cards are designed following Glenn Doman Method.

Right Brain Reading Program P1

Right Brain Reading Program P1

"Learn How To Read" Program (Part 1) Your child will learn to read. This phonics reading program is the most Complete Montessori syllabus. Your child will learn the right way to pronounce. This program consists of Phonics Sound, Consonant Blends, Double Consonant Blend, and Vowels. Your child's reading foundation begins here.

Photo Image Exercise Program

Photo Image Exercise Program

Develop your child's photographic memory. This right brain exercise is practiced by all right brain students. It trains your child to visualize an image, and capture and hold that image. This exercise is to develop photographic memory abilities. This Complete Photo Image Exercise consists of Set 1 to 9 (152 exercises). You will have full access to the Photo Image Exercise. (Retail at USD$188.00)

Photographic Memory Training

Photographic Memory Training

Your child can develop a photographic memory. Introducing the "1st & Original Right Brain Photographic Memory" Program. These memory exercises are an essential part of the right brain education for your baby and toddler. You will get Space Memory, Matching Puzzles, Sequence Puzzles and etc. This is an essential part of your child's right brain education program.

Alphabet Flashcards

Alphabet Flashcards

The best way to learn ABCs is through flash cards. Your child will have fun learning their alphabets (A to Z) with our beautiful design flash cards.

Right Brain Reading Program P2

Right Brain Reading Program P2

Complete "Learn How To Read" Program (Part 2) Teach your child “220 Sight Words/Dolch Words” and “100 Most Common Words Used in English Language” by Oxford University Press. Sight Words are frequently used words that cannot be phonetically sounded (is, a, for, and that). The 100 word list by Oxford are common words your child will use in reading and writing.

Eye Training Exercise

Eye Training Exercise

There are 36 Eye Training Exercises in this program. This training strengthen your child's peripheral vision. It is an essential training to develop Photographic Memory, Speed Reading and other right brain abilities. Eye training Exercises are practiced by all right brain schools. Practice these exercises with your child at home.

Children's Flashcards

Children's Flashcards

Your Child Will Learn Thousands Of New Words And Expand Their Knowledge. There are thousands of flash cards to learn from. Our "children's flash cards" consist of over one hundred topics from Types of Flowers, Art, Car Parts, Types of Birds, Medical Supplies, Flags, Condiments, Glassware, Invertebrates, and many more other topics. All the pictures are realistic and not cartoon pictures.

Random Dots Flashcards

Random Dots Flashcards

Teach your baby mathematics using math dot cards. These method is practiced by right brain students. You get a complete dots flash cards collection. It comes with Dots 1 to 100, Random dots and Organised dots.

Right Brain Reading Program P3

Right Brain Reading Program P3

Learn New Words every day. You have thousands of "words flash card" starting from A to Z to teach your child. Your child will learn thousands of new words and pronunciation. At the same time practising their right brain exercises by flashing at a fast speed.

Equation Flashcards

Equation Flashcards

Your child will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using right brain method. Get your child to learn to count at an early age and prepare them for school. When learning is easy for your child, learning will be fun for them. Start now.

Science Flashcards

Science Flashcards

Get your baby/toddler interested in Science. Let your child learn the name of the planets in our solar system, human organs, and other topics related to science like chemistry, and biology.

Complete Mandala Memory Program

Complete Mandala Memory Program

Develop Photographic Memory Through Colours. There are 6 levels. Each level has 150 printable memory puzzle exercises for your child to complete. That's a total of 900 puzzles. Each puzzle comes in a coloured and non-coloured pattern. Your child is to look at the coloured pattern for a few seconds and memorize it. Then give your child the non-coloured pattern to colour out the colours. These photographic memory exercises are an essential part of right brain education.

Learning to Tell Time (Analog)

Learning to Tell Time (Analog)

Teach your child to read time/the clock using right brain training methods. Learn to read the time using the analogue and digital clock flashcards now.

Keyboard Flashcards

Keyboard Flashcards

The musical language is part of your child's brain development activity. Stimulate your child's visual and auditory senses with these keyboard/sound flash cards.  Your child will learn and understand all the types of music notes, the sounds of every note, and many more.

Peg Memory

Peg Memory

Now Your Child Can Learn How To Memorise. It is a memory exercise practised by right brain schools to memorise and recall a list of items in a particular order. These exercises are in e-flash cards format and printable charts.

Linking Story

Linking Story

The Right Brain Memory Training Method. This is part of a photographic memory exercise used by the right brain schools, where your child has to remember a "story" and link the story with the image in the flash cards in sequence. You will have the option of e-flash cards and printable charts.

Speed Reading for Kids

Speed Reading for Kids

Your Child's 1st Speed Reading Program. This program is the most comprehensive speed reading program for your child to start with. There are cartoons, sound effects, interesting stories, and many others in this program. Your child will love this program. This exercises are a MUST to be practised using the Right Brain Education Method.

Pi Memory Challenge

Pi Memory Challenge

Pi (3.14) is the ratio of a circle's circumferences to its diameter. It is a fraction that has decimal representation that never ends and never repeats. Learn to memorise the Pi by using flash cards.

Sample Flashcards

Multilingual Flashcards Program (BONUS)

This is a BONUS program (offer is for a limited time only. Don't Wait Join Now). Your child will have 24,839 Multilingual flashcards (10 languages) and EXTRA Advance Right Brain Education Memory exercises.  

French Flashcards

French Flashcards

The French language is an important language. It opens up to study, career and business opportunity. You can start your child with alphabets and move on to math and vocabulary. All your child’s foundation in the French language is here.

Spanish Flashcards

Spanish Flashcards

Spanish is the 3rd most commonly spoken language after English and Mandarin. Now you can start your child with the basic foundation of the Spanish language. Teach your child how to pronounce the basic alphabets, math and vocabulary.

Russian Flashcards

Russian Flashcards

Russian language is one of the official languages in the United Nations. Learn Russian alphabets, math dots and vocabulary and more. All the basics to teach your child are here.

Mandarin (Simplified) Flashcards

Mandarin (Simplified) Flashcards

Simplified Mandarin is commonly used and taught and used. With the increase presence in the business world, Mandarin is considered as an important language. Teach your child math and new vocabulary in Mandarin. From Math dots (quantity recognition and addition), hundreds of new vocabulary and others.

Mandarin (Traditional) Flashcards

Mandarin (Traditional) Flashcards

The pronunciation of the simplified and traditional Mandarin is the same. What's different is the characters. Traditional Mandarin is used in formal and business settings in China. Your child will learn Math dots (quantity recognition and addition), hundreds of new vocabulary.

Japanese Flashcards

Japanese Flashcards

We have included the Japanese language because of the high request from parents. You child will learn the basic Hiragana and Katagana. You have picture/word flashcards, math dots, alphabets and many more.

Vietnamese Flashcards

Vietnamese Flashcards

Lots of parents asked for the Vietnamese language flashcards so here it is. The flashcards are done by our local Vietnamese teacher from Hanoi. You will get picture/word flashcards, math dots, alphabets and many more.

Arabic Flashcards

Arabic Flashcards

Arabic is now the standard language of the Arab world. Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The library provides you with Arabic language flashcards to teach your baby.

Hindi Flashcards

Hindi Flashcards

Hindi language is included for our members in India and US, who requested for them. You have picture/word flashcards, math dots, alphabets and many more.

Tamil Flashcards

Tamil Flashcards

We have a strong following in RBE in the Southern India region. These Tamil language flashcards are for those who wants Tamil flashcards. You have picture/word flashcards, math dots, alphabets and many more.


Every original right brain flashcard you use is of the highest quality (large, bright, clear and realistic). The library has led the right brain education method forward with its development and innovations of the right brain flash cards. Your child will learn effectively and most importantly have fun. Click Below.

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcard
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Join the Library Today. Less than $3.97/month.


“I have been looking for baby flash cards for sale online for my daughter's Heguru home practice, and I would give the library the thumbs up! It's the BEST. I could see improvements in my daughter's general knowledge after a  few months. Highly recommended!"

- Sophie L. (Australia)

“I joined your website mainly because I was looking for the Photographic Memory Puzzles and Photo Image Play program. Everything is automated. All I need to do is just choose the lesson day and flash to my child. It saves me time. I am very happy I found your website. I have more free time now. Thank you."

- Shao Wen (Singapore)

“There are many flash cards for sale on the internet that sells Shichida flash cards and right brain materials. I decided to join because everything is in one place and the price is reasonable. My child enjoys the peg memory, linking story and Mandala. Thank you."

- Takayuki (Kyoto, Japan)

“Sometime ago I bought the full set of Glenn Doman flash cards to teach my baby. Once I finished flashing all the cards, I decided to look for more flash cards and then I found your site. What I like best is the collection of flash cards topics. There are so many topics. With the thousands of flash cards, I do not have to worry about looking for more, because everything is here."

Charlotte (United States)

“Many thanks for including Tamil and Hindi languages. We South Indians basically read three languages, namely mother tongue, e.g. Tamil, then English and Hindi. Tamil is one of the very oldest languages and the mother of many. Thirukural is called Ulaga Podhumarai. I had this obligation to include it in right brain education library. Hope more Tamil people will subscribe hereafter. Awaiting soon to read Tamil alphabets and numbers, no doubt this library will reach nook and corner of Tamilnadu and as well as Tamilians all over the world."

Dr Chandra (Tamilnadu, India)

“Teaching Shichida at home is easy now. It's like my teaching assistant. I had difficulties showing the cards less than 1 second per card. With the flashcards video, I can show my Shichida flashcards fast and consistent."

Intan Maisarah (Malaysia)

"I just want to say a BIG THANKS, Am full of year gratitude for all the great work you are doing, first the one-click lessons which changed our lives and now it's easy for me to use the library and lessons for kids. Just keep UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Zohal Z. (Australia)

"I have seen my daughter becoming more active after enrolling in this course. She started this program when she was 23 months old. She was not talking as we expect a 2 yr old to talk but in a span of 4 months she started talking well and became very expressive. She enjoys and looks forward to these lessons. Normally it is expected from a 3+ year old to do the puzzles such as odd man out, find 2 same pics, next in sequence etc, but in a span of 4 months itself, I see her comfortably doing these. She further counts objects and does a 20 piece jigsaw puzzles . All at the age of 2 years and 4months. This program is a resounding recommendation from my end."

Rukmini (Telangana, India)

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The 9 Ways Of Using The Library Effectively


How do I use the Original Right Brain Education Library?

If you are new, you can start with the library's "The 3 Minutes Lesson Plan". You only need to select the lessons and click to play to teach your child. OR, you can use the 44,772 flashcards and right brain exercises in the library to teach your child.

You get a "Home Practice Guide" which includes teaching tips, charts, step by step lesson plan and many more. Teaching your child is simple and easy.

How many flash cards does your child need? 1,000? 44,772?

For your Right Brain flashcard materials, start with 50 cards and gradually increase to 200 flash cards per day for at least 1 weeks, then move on to other cards. Your child would have finish 200 to 400 flash cards in a month.

With 44,772 flash cards, including BONUS 24,839 multilingual flash cards in the library, you have all the materials you need in one place.

You will immediate access to all the flashcards and right brain memory exercises on the library.

As for the BONUS 24,839 multilingual flashcards, it's a separate program which you will have full access 1 month later.

Will my child be able to learn?

Yes, your child will learn. The library is the 1st and the World's Largest Right Brain Education online program that follows the proper and proven teaching right brain education method.

The library has all the flashcards, and right brain exercises your child needs. Teaching your child is very easy. You do not need any experience. As a member of the library, you have access to the "Home Practice Guide", which provide you with teaching tips, and daily lesson plan.

What guidance / support do you provide?

With 17 years of experience in right brain education, you will get proper guidance on how to teach your child. You have access to from our well trained support team. Whether you are new or an experience parent, we are commited to guide and support you to make the most out the right brain education program.

The right brain education library focus and gives 100% priority to all library members. We DO NOT have any partners, dealers, affiliates or other websites. If you have any questions, all your answers will be answered here. Be a member of the one and only original right brain education library.  

How to train/activate my child's right brain function?

The right side of the brain controls creative thinking (imagination, visualisation, memorisation, etc).

The secret to right brain training is SPEED because the right brain functions at lightning speed.

Right Brain Method requires you to show the flashcards as fast as 0.5 seconds per flashcard. For example, Glenn Doman mentioned, "less than 1 second" or "as fast as you can ". 

The library flashcards meet the SPEED requirements of these all right brain schools.

Does the library materials follow the proper right brain education syllabus/curriculum?

You are getting the best right brain materials because of our focus on developing flash cards and right brain memory exercises. The library is always improving, updating, and adding new materials for your child to learn.

You are getting the best right brain training materials following the Right Brain Education theories.

This method has been practiced by right brain schools for more than 60 years.


All the learning materials added monthly are developed by our experienced Right Brain School teachers strictly following these proven methodologies.

After the training will my child be able to master "Photographic Memory"?

Yes, your child can develop "Photographic Memory".

The Library includes all the photographic training materials in the like the Photographic Memory Training Program, Eye Training, Peg Memory, Image Play, Linking Memory, Mandala and many others to practice with your child. 

Just keep practising, and your child will tremendously improve their memory.

What does your 30 Days Money Back Guarantee consist of?

We know your child will love the library. However, if you are not satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30 days by going to the "Contact Us" link.

How do I join? Is it available in my country?

The right brain education program is available in most countries in the world. We have parents from US, UK, India, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and many other countries.

As long as you have internet access you can join.

The program is in USD. It will automatically be converted to your local currency by your credit card company.

Here is the link to join the right brain education program.

Membership Benefits


Access to 44,772 flash cards and right brain exercises.

You can use the library as many times in a day.