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9 FAQ About Right Brain Education Library using Right Brain Flashcards Method

Here are some FAQs that you will find useful.

1. What is Right Brain Education Library?

It is the 1st and Word's largest "Right Brain Education" library for children. It is an early learning library for newborns up to 6 years old. The library has a huge resource of flashcards and right brain exercises based on Right Brain Education Method.

2. Why Right Brain Education Library?

It is not just flash cards and right brain exercises. You are getting materials that follow effective and proven methods from Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman. The library has more than 14 years experience in developing early learning flash cards and exercises following these right brain schools. You are getting proper flash cards to teach your child.

3. I am already sending my child to a "right brain" or early learning program. Why do I need the library?

We believe, the more you teach, the more your child will learn. Enrichment programs and early learning courses teach your child. The library provides you with the learning materials so you can practice with your child. With the combination of the enrichment programs and the library, your child will achieve better results in their early learning program.

4. Can I use the library without going to any right brain school?

We would highly recommend you to continue with your Shichida and Heguru classes. In your Shichida and Heguru classes, your child will develop social skills and experience a classroom environment which will prepare them for their preschooling. You also get more tips and learn new ideas to help teach your child. In fact, we have been recommending members to join Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman. Please do continue with your Shichida and Heguru classes or Glenn Doman courses.

Remember, your child will always need more learning materials. The more you teach, the more your child will learn. All the materials only follow the theories of these well known right brain schools.

5. How do I incorporate my child's Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman lessons with the library? When it comes to teaching your child, we believe in, CREATIVE, FLEXIBILITY and FUN. Every child is unique and has different talents. It is our job as parents to bring out and nurture the talents of our child.

The library comes with the "Home Practice Guide." You will get charts and a sample lesson plan that helps incorporate your Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman home practice. We have made it very easy for you.

For new parents, we have the "Click & Play" flashcard program, where we have developed daily lessons for you to teach your child. You only need to select the lessons and click play.

6. Can I DIY / Homeschool my child?

Yes you can. With thousands of flash cards and exercises, the "Home Practice Guide" and some creativity you can. As a member, you will also get full support from our support team.

7. How do you compare the library flash cards vs other flash cards in the market?

- The library has the largest collection and variety of flash cards. All in one place.

- We strictly follow right brain education methods.

- The pictures on the cards are realistic pictures NOT cartoons.

- The fonts are Montessori Method fonts. Which are the proper fonts to teach your child.

8. How do I join the library?

Go to the "Price and Plan" link. You have 3 options, 1 Year, 3 Years and Lifetime Membership to choose.

9. I still have questions to ask.

You can contact jamesfarrow@rightbraineducationlibrary.com. We are here to support you.

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