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How To Use Your Right Brain Flashcards & Home Practice Materials?

There are many types of Right Brain Education materials you can use to teach your baby or toddler at home.

Here is how you start your child's right brain home lessons:

  1. The flashcards and right brain exercises you need to have for your home practice.

  2. When and what teaching materials to use base on your child's age?

  3. Why Speed Flashcards?

The type of right brain materials (to buy/for sale) to show your baby/toddler will depend on their age and also growth development.

MOST IMPORTANT: When you start your child with this program, the lessons must be FUN, and you must give your child a lot of encouragement. Do not expect immediate results as this is the age of input.

The learning materials can be divided to flash cards and right brain exercises/activities.

Here are the right brain training materials you need to buy:

1. Learning Flash Cards

  • Infant Stimulation flash cards / Black and white flash cards

  • Quantity Dots flash card sets

  • Phonics flash card sets

  • Vocabulary/Children flash card sets

  • Alphabets flash cards

  • Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Dots

  • Math flash cards (in numerals)

2. Right Brain Exercise Materials

  • Eye Exercise charts

  • Right Brain Mandala

  • Linking Memory

  • Peg Memory

  • Speed Reading

  • Others

All the learning flash cards and exercises are given to you when you are a member of the Right Brain Education Library.

It is never too early or too late to start your child with these exercises.

If your child starts their right brain lessons at an earlier age, he can even accomplish the more advanced flash cards sooner. For example, we recommend that you start your child with multiplications at the age of 4. However, if your child master the rest of the addition and subtraction they can start multiplication at three years old.

Lastly, "Speed Flashcards". Every flashcards that you show must be flashed at 1 to 0.5 seconds. Shichida believes you can only activate or train the right brain by flashing fast.

We do have older children joining the library, and it is never too late. Do not pressure your child, most importantly it is practising the exercises consistently.

The flash cards are your tools or materials, and you are using them to teach. Learning is more effective if there is parental bonding with your child. Just practice consistently with your Right Brain Method at home.

Your child will definitely benefit by expanding their vocabulary and right brain skills

Discover how you can start your child's brain development with Right Brain Flashcards home lesson right away.

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