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Agnieszka Basta, Poland

I started using RightBrainEducationLibrary when my daughter was 23 months old. By then I had already completed Glenn Doman's reading programme in English and in Polish as well as his math program based on dot cards. Seeing how my daughter develops I needed something more. After you use-up all the ready-made sets of words and phrases, it takes a lot of time to produce more and more, especially in two languages. RightBrainEducationLibrary saves me loads of time. Now, I can focus on Polish more because I have ready-made flashcards in English in the library.

I can see a lot of advantages that the library has over traditional paper flashcards. I still flash so-called bits of intelligence to my daughter but it is much easier to determine at which moment exactly you have to reduce the number of repetitions when you do flashing online. Although I didn't acknowledge at first that she needs to see a card just twice because it was too unbelievable to me, now, after a month has passed, I know exactly when she demonstrated it. One day I presented her 130 cards at the highest speed which is 0,5 second (with paper cards I manage a few over 10 cards at one time and this is the maximum). They were grouped like Doman's bits of intelligence: 13 sets of 10 cards in each. She had seen them all just two times in two different days. We had a few day's break. After the break, I flashed 10 sets of 10 cards and I started the eleventh. I just scrolled down and she saw the cover which presented a lion and a title written in big letters: How animals speak. Before I managed to click to show my daughter the content I heard her saying "speak." I was really excited. I am not sure she was actually reading. Maybe she just remembered that this picture introduces the set with animal sounds. I was not excited because of her "reading" but because she saw this cover just twice and we had few days' break and she remembered this set is about animal sounds. I didn't have enough courage to reduce the number of repetitions, though. She had to demonstrate her memory improvement a few times and then, finally start refusing to look at the flashcards. When after a week of constant refusal, I decided to check if she had gone off the flashcards completely or not. You can imagine my joy when she was interested in the new set. It seems she refused before because she was bored. Another example of her memory improvement. This time - aural memory. On another day, there were jobs in one of the sets flashed. The last job presented was "teacher." I immediately made a comment that this is my job. I repeated it the second time on another day. I presented the same set for the third time on another day and asked my daughter: "What's mummy's job?" She replied in syllables: "tea-cher." I think new knowledge was linked with the old one. She knew the word "mummy" before and she has probably figured out what "job" means as a common name for 10 consecutive flashcards.

These are just the examples of various situations that we have. Right now, I am going through each set with her just two times: we use the second and the fourth speed. I must admit I didn't listen to the advice of the authors of the library which was not to do Shichida after Doman as Doman is enough. I decided to give his 65-day programme a try. I liked the way flashcards change and the speed. We completed cycle 1 and 32 days of cycle 2 and it seems this is the end. It seems she is a bit fed up with dots again and I am not surprised. I expected this. However, in the library we have other maths alternatives and she is interested. She likes numbers or numbers mixed with dots and other representations of quantity e.g. animals, fruit etc. in random order and organized. Actually what we are doing with maths right now using paper flashcards are the equations with only one dot card and the rest cards with numerals.

On the whole, I reckon the library is something I would recommend to any parent, not only a busy parent. I regret I hadn't discovered it earlier. Maybe I would do Shichida maths instead of Domans? Who knows? It seems more parent and child-friendly."

Sophie L., Sydney, Australia

I have been buying many flashcards online for my daughter's Heguru home practice and I would give the library the thumbs up! It's the BEST. I could see improvements in my daughter's general knowledge after a  few months. Highly recommended!

Takayuki, Kyoto, Japan

There are many websites that sell Shichida flash cards and right brain materials. I decided to choose rightbraineducationlibrary because everything is in one place. My child enjoys the peg memory, linking story and Mandala.  Thank you.

Sook Chong, Malaysia

My son likes your flash cards very much. Especially the dots math flash cards. He is now able to count after only 2 weeks. Thanks.

Ivan K., Russia

My baby enjoys the flash cards very much. Also thank you for your patience and support from your customer service team

Kareen N., Singapore

My 2 sons have been exposed to right brain training since 1.5 & 2.5 years old. I have enrolled them in Shichida for 2 years and have recently stopped. I have been DIY-ing materials for them to do at home, but somehow I feel that there is a lack in something that Shichida Class has, and I am not able to do myself. They are the image training, speed reading, and the speed flashing of flash cards.

I happened to come across the Right Brain Education Library, and I find it very useful. Everything can be done via iPad or smart phone. It is so convenient. I can do home practice in the car or restaurant. All the practices come with instructions to teach us the correct way to use the materials. There is also Alpha Music to download too. Now I play it when we are doing home practice, resting or sleeping.

I also like the Shichida 65 days math programme. I used to do it via flash cards but I couldn't use it on holidays during the 65 days period because it is very troublesome to bring along the Shichida flashcards. But with this website, I can do it anytime, anywhere, and at any speed I like. By the way, all the Shichida flash cards comes in 4 different speeds.

As a parents who believed in right brain training, I have truly benefited from this programme. I hope more parents will benefit from it too. At the price of USD$298 for the membership, it is surely worth it if you plan to have more than 1 child. If you do a calculation, one term of Shichida is about S$800. Home practice is very important. Don't expect to see miracles from just 45 mins of class per week. The website - Right Brain Education Library is the Best Choice.

Cindy Lim, Malaysia

I have a thousand over DIY flashcards at home but I find it difficult to organise the cards for my child's home lessons. At the same time it is not easy to flash the cards because I find it challenging to flash less than 1 second and say the words at the same time. But with the library you have that 4 different flashing speed that helps me to flash to my child fast and consistent which is key to right brain education. Thank you and I am glad to have found your flashcards.