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The Pi Memory Challenge (Right Brain Training Flash Cards)

Introducing a new right brain exercise in the library.

This is the "last" right brain training exercise for your child after learning all his Shichida, Heguru or Glenn Doman math dots, numerals and equations flash cards and Shichida 63 day or 65 day math program.

We call this a "challenge" because it is a game to see how far can your child remember and recite his Pi formula.

What is Pi Memory?

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumferences to its diameter.

The Pi is an irrational number because the decimal representation of the number of the Pi starts with 3.14159265358979... with no finite number of digits can represent Pi exactly, nor does it repeat.

Since the Pi number goes on and on, a lot of people love to use the Pi as a game of memorising as many decimal numbers as possible.

So, here we have included the "Pi Memory Challenge" game. How many Pi numbers can your child recite. So here is the challenge for your child to play.

Remember, in right brain education you are not supposed to test your child or at least limit testing your child. Take this game as a memory challenge, NOT a test.

Try this right brain training at home.

Here are 2 Youtube videos on memorising numbers.

YouTube 1 :

Pi Day in San Francisco

YouTube 2 :

Ben is memorising 6 cards at a time in world record time. Once Ben finished, he hands his deck to the official next to him. He then has 5 minutes to put another deck of cards into the same order as the one he handed off.

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