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Right Brain Education Method: 6 Ways To Bring Out Your Child's Curiosity

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"A curious child is a child that is very observant and asks a lot of questions."

If you want your child to be intelligent and creative, you have to bring out their curiosity.

Below is The Right brain Education Method: 6 ways to bring out your child's curiosity:

1. Protect your child's feelings.

Use words that are encouraging. Don't say "I don't have time to talk to you about this" or "When you are older, you will understand" because words like this do not encourage a child to have a good attitude towards learning.

Avoid laughing at a child's questions.

2. Praise your child for their curiosity.

To reinforce your child's curiosity for learning and to try out new ideas and things, praise your child.

Your child will feel more secure and feel comfortable posing further creative questions.

3. Use environment stimulation appropriately.

Spend time with your child and encourage them to ask many questions. Have them observe their environment. Let your child observe the birds and flowers, look up to the sky and stars, listen to the thunder, and watch the lightning. Take time to the beach or garden and other places in nature.

This is to stimulate their emotional responses.

4. Tell your child a lot of stories.

Children like to hear stories. When your child is around 6 months old and is able to sit on your lap, choose interesting stories for them to hear. Reading in a loving and warm atmosphere can develop a good feeling toward the love of learning.

5. Create opportunities to use the brain and fingers.

Encourage your child to make simple toys from different materials, plan games, etc. Utilise all the senses in observation and the child will experience all kinds of fun throughout the process of limitation and using their active nature to develop a new concept.

6. Allow your child to find their answers.

When your child asks a question, take this opportunity to get your child to investigate and discover. Your child will learn better if they do their own research. Help them in their research through the internet, books, or magazine.


The way you teach using the 6 tips mentioned, your child will learn very well.

With the right flash card materials and the proper way to teach, you will see your child learning very well.

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