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Right Brain Education & Training Activities For Babies & Toddlers

Whether right brain training for babies and toddlers (1, 2, 3 to 7 years old) at home or online, is easy when you understand -

  1. What and Why is "Right Brain Education/Training" important?

  2. The difference between the right and left brain?

  3. Right brain development for babies / toddlers

  4. When is the best time for right brain training?

  5. When and what right brain education activities you can teach at home?

1. What is "Right Brain Education/Training"?

Sometimes known as "right brain education", Shichida Method" or "Heguru Method".

Professor Makoto Shichida with over 40 years of experience in the early brain development of right brain education in children (1, 2, 3 years old and above).

He said,

"Right Brain Education according to Professor Makoto Shichida is to describes his curriculum methods because in Japan most education systems are left brain. He used this term to highlight his approach to learning, which is different and distinct from traditional education which utilizes a more left brain, linear approach to learning."

article from "The Shichida Method, The Most Advanced Brain Development System In The World."

Similar to Shichida, Heguru Method with 30 years of experience is also focused on

Right Brain Training and "Whole Brain Development" program for newborns, babies, and toddlers.

All early learning experts agree that the first 3 years of any child's brain development years are the most important years. It is because it shapes the child's character, beliefs, confidence, and subconscious mind.

Training the right brain is important because when the child is born they are right brain dominant. That's the time you introduce the right brain education.

left brain vs right brain
2. The difference between the right brain and the left brain:

The right brain has creative and imaging abilities, creative and intuitive senses. It also has the powerful ability to process a massive amount of information at high speed. Combines with great memory retention.

The left brain controls the logic and reasoning abilities.

By stimulation the right and left brain at the same time, it helps to synergise both sides of the brain and to increase the capacity of the whole brain. Which enables the child to learn more efficiently and effectively.

Right Brain Education is about developing strong connections in the brain.

Graph: Right and Left Brain Abilities from 0 to 12 years old by Heguru Method

3. Right Brain Development For Babies
Right and Left Brain Abilities from 0 to 12 years old by Heguru Method

From the graph, you will notice the newborn baby's right brain capabilities are at it's highest. Why?

All children have natural right brain abilities.

Based on research, the newborn baby's right brain hemisphere appears to be slightly larger than the left hemisphere. The early development of the right hemisphere has to do with an evolutionary trait that ensures the survival of the infant and also the emotional bond of the caretaker.

The left hemisphere will develop much later, around the age of 3 years of age.

But the rapid rate of learning of the right brain decreases as the child gets older. When left untrained these special right brain capabilities will gradually become dormant especially beyond 6 years of age.

Right brain training for babies using Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards
4. When Is The Best Time For Your Child To Have Right Brain Training?

You can start with your child from 4 months old to 6 years of age.

However, to get the most out of this program, it is best to start teaching your child as early as possible.

Shichida accepts students from the age of 4 months old and Heguru from 6 months old.

Both of these right brain schools do give prenatal courses for expecting mothers as part of developing the baby's right brain.

Or if you wish to teach your child right brain education at home, you can join the Right Brain Education Library.

5. When and what right brain training/activities you can do at home?

The training method varies from different age groups.

- From 4 or 6 months to 3 years old: This is the golden age where the right brain abilities are the highest. The Focus is on the input of data at high speed. Understanding the data is not the priority. At this time it is input is more important.

- From 4 years above: Training of the left brain is introduced with the right brain program.

Below is the Heguru core learning program you can incorporate into your home practise guide with your child.

Right brain activities/exercises are:

- Flashcards

- Image Training

- Dot Cards

- Memory Games

Left brain activities are:

- Puzzles

- Tangrams

- Storytelling

Also, do add the below for your child's learning activities

Music and Rhythm

- Apply a few music genres to stimulate imaging abilities

Heart Education

Is about building a loving relationship between parents and child.

- Activities to develop higher emotional intelligence

Physical Activities

- to develop physical competence


When you train your baby using the "Right Brain Education" Method, flashcards are used in every lesson.

Whether you are using Glenn Doman, Shichida, or Heguru Method, flashcards must be shown from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

Right Brain Education Library has been providing flash cards and right brain memory activities to many parents that send their kids to Shichida Method and Heguru Method.

Discover more about right brain training and how you can expand your child's learning potential using right brain education methods.

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