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Real Life VS Cartoon Baby Flash Cards


Are you using the right flashcards for your baby or toddler?

Take a look at the flash card below...

Is this an Elephant? 

children flashcard - elephant


Cartoon Flashcards


YES, both are elephants!

Which picture flash card would you show to your child?

All parents I asked would say the REAL LIFE picture, not the CARTOON or illustrated picture.

Do you know it is COMPULSORY to use realistic pictures to teach your child the Right Brain Education Method (Shichida, Heguru, and Glenn Doman methods)?

Cartoons or drawings or pictures ONLY represent a symbol of the real objects Just like in maths, "dots" on the blank sheet of white cardboard represent the number of objects,

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library


numerals like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... are symbols that represent the numbers of dots on the white cardboard.

Is there 5 dots 

Numeric Flashcards


Dots Flashcards


Realistic flash cards help young children to identify people, objects, and things surrounding them.

Cartoon flash cards merely entertain your baby/toddler.

If you are looking for flash cards to teach your baby or toddler, do take a look at the learning material.
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