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The Best Baby Flashcards To Buy / For Sale

Baby flash cards from RightBrainEducationLibrary.Com

Before you ask what and where to buy flash cards...

Here are the criteria for selecting the best flash cards for your baby or toddler:

1. When buying or choosing flash cards for sale, choose one that follows a proper teaching method. For example, Shichida, Heguru or Glenn Doman.

2. Make sure the flash cards come in a good variety of topics. Not just the regular apple, ball, cat, dog and others. What you want is to expose your child to as many new vocabulary words every day.

3. Get flash cards with realistic pictures NOT cartoons.

What type of baby flash cards to get?

Should you buy, ready-made flash cards online (probably on Amazon or Taobao), printable flash cards or eFlash cards?


Perhaps our Rightbraineducationlibrary.com flash cards.

Before you decide, here are your options together with the pros and cons:

1. Ready-made flash cards: Highly recommended. They are probably high quality or else at least of decent quality, BUT they are expensive and have limited topics available. Shipping also could be expensive.

2. Printable flash cards: You need to invest your time to look for flash cards. There are some free resources that you can find online, but the quality of the pictures are not that great. It is FREE so what do you expect? Even if you decided to take this path, the cost of printing and paper material is expensive.

You have to invest in a LASER PRINTER and not an inkjet printer because the image on the flash card will not be clear and then after a while, the ink on the flash card will fade.

3. E-flash cards: Currently the is the most cost-effective because it is digital. Technology definitely gives us a lot of conveniences. There are a lot of preschools are incorporating this new technology as a tool to teach babies and preschoolers. You will save on storage space and have the flexibility to teach your child anytime and anywhere.

Even though eflash cards are the latest educational tool, the method of teaching methods remains the same.


When using flashcards to teach your child, make sure you follow a method (Glenn Doman, Shichida or Heguru).

For sourcing your flashcards, there are many options available.

Just do consider your time and cost involve in getting your flashcards.

So, there you have it! These are the criteria we feel you should consider knowing how to choose the best baby flash cards for your child.

Do keep an open mind when considering what and where to buy flash cards for your baby. Most important is to get the right flash cards.

Discover more on the types of baby flash cards and right brain exercises you can get.

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