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3 Ways To Choose Your "Baby Flash Cards” That Help Your Child Learn Faster

With so many choices of baby flash cards online. From Shichida flashcards, Heguru flashcards, Glenn Doman flash cards or other "right brain flashcards", which flash cards are the best for your baby or infant?

Here is a super simple checklist that you can look at:

  1. Pictures must be realistic pictures (NOT CARTOONS)

  2. The text used to describe the picture must follow the Montessori Method fonts. You can see from the word "a" in the word flash card; that this is the correct "a" that should be shown to your child. Most kindergarten will use this font in their classes. The Montessori Method fonts were designed to help babies/toddlers learn how to read better.

  3. Pictures on the flash cards must be sharp, clear and attractive. Babies are generally attracted to colourful, attractive and clear pictures. Your baby may lose interest or focus if the pictures are not attractive.

Take a look at the two flash cards with the word “sugar”. Compare the letter “a” and “g”.

When choosing your baby flash cards make sure it is the right fonts that are taught in kindergartens.

Next is the use of capital letters. All letters on flash cards should be in small letters. Unless it is an object or a subject that requires you to use a capital letter. For example, the names of :

  1. People: Vincent van Gogh, Monet and Albert Einstein.

  2. Country: United States, Vietnam, India, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

  3. Landmark: Mount Fuji, Eiffel Tower, and Pyramids.

Your baby learns to read and write more effectively using the Montessori fonts.

Whether you are using these flash cards following any early learning method, get the right baby flash cards for your child to make your child's lessons more effective.

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