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How To Make Your Baby or Toddler Flash Cards Lesson Fun?

Shichida Flashcards, Glenn Doman Flashcards, Heguru Flashcards
If you want your child to enjoy their lessons, you must make it FUN!

It does not matter whether you are using Shichida Method, Heguru, or Glenn Doman method.

We at right brain education library have been developing flash cards that children will LOVE to see. So topics in the flash cards are fun, bright, and interesting. The pictures chosen for the flash cards should also be of interest to the child (NOT parents, as the child is seeing the flash cards).

With good design flash cards, the next step is for you as a parent to make your home practice lessons FUN.

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library

Here are a few suggestions to help your child look forward to practice time every day.

  1. Keep it short and sweet - Stop flashing when your child begins to lose interest in the cards. Take short breaks and start back later. When your child is new, the first few lessons should be just flashing 100 to 200 cards per day. Gradually increase if your child requests more. Repeat the same 100 to 200 cards per day for a week before you move on. There are times you may have a hard time and can only flesh less than 100 cards because your child just can't keep still. Then just do as much as you can (i.e., 60 cards, 80 cards) and continue a few hours later.

  2. Take a short break - In between every flash card lesson, you can get your child to play some games, puzzles, sing a song, do breathing exercises, and other activities that interest your child.

  3. Flash a variation of flash cards - Through mother and child bonding, you will know when your child is not interested in seeing the same flash card set. For example, today you can flash set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the next day can be set 1, 4, 2, 5, 3.

  4. Positive attitude - You must say positive words and never scold your child. Always smile and say encouraging words. Do not force your child to learn the flash cards.

  5. Try to have a routine - establish or find out when is the right time, for your child to see their flash cards. Flash the card every day. Could it be after meals? Before meals, or before bathing.

  6. Take it easy - Lastly, don't overdo it! Too much of anything is not good. The guideline is 200 flash cards a day. Some days can be more some days can be less. Go with your gut feeling.

Most of all, keep the lesson positive and BE FLEXIBLE! BE OBSERVANT! Use your judgment, imagination, creativity, and common sense to see what interests your child.

Happy Teaching!

David Duncan

Chief Librarian

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