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Glenn Doman Method On Teaching Your Baby Using Flash Cards

Tree of Knowledge

In the Glenn Doman Method, flash cards are used to teach babies or toddlers (6 months old to 6 years old) to read, do math and gain encyclopedic knowledge.

For teaching your baby math, Doman uses math dots flash cards and numeral flash cards (1,2,3...). Doman method covers quantity recognition, equations (addition, subtraction, multiplications and divisions).

For teaching your baby to read, Doman uses words only flash cards. Some call them "Whole Words" flash cards. Through Doman's research, this method is the best way to teach "brain damage" children. For normal children, you can use this method and also combine it with the Phonics Reading Method.

When it comes to gaining encyclopedic knowledge, picture/words flash cards are used. These Doman cards comes with pictures on the front and words at the back.

Whether you are using this method for teaching your baby or toddler math, or reading, all the flashcards have to be shown at a fast speed. The recommended speed is 1 second per flashcard.

The Glenn Doman Method believes the earlier you start teaching your baby or toddler, the more your he will learn.

Here are very useful tips from Glenn Doman flash cards method taken from his book "How To Teach Your Baby To Read" and "How To Teach Your Baby Math" that is essential in starting and teaching your child at home. These tips will show you how to make your child learn even more and most importantly your child will have fun.

Glenn Doman Flash Cards Library

The 10 Glenn Doman Method Basics Of Good Teaching:
  1. Begin as young as possible.

  2. Be joyous at all times.

  3. Respect your child.

  4. Teach only when you and your child are happy.

  5. Stop before your child wants to stop.

  6. Show materials quickly - flash cards to be flashed as fast as possible.

  7. Introduce new materials often.

  8. Do your program consistently.

  9. Prepare your materials carefully and stay ahead.

  10. Remember the Fail-Safe Law = "If you are not having a wonderful time and your child isn't having a wonderful time - stop. You are doing something wrong."

The Benefits of The Glenn Doman Flash Cards Method
  1. Improve cognitive development

  2. Improve memory

  3. Stimulate brain development

  4. Improve language skills

  5. Develop encyclopaedic knowledge

How Do You Show The Flash Cards To Your Baby?

Flashcards should be presented to your baby quickly. You are not supposed to take your time to slowly read out the words on the flashcards. According to Glenn Doman, babies don't want to wait. Babies or toddlers are very busy learning. And they learn new things very fast.

So your home lessons are short and present the flash cards quickly.

Glenn Doman books come with great advice and quotes on teaching your baby reading and math using Glenn Doman flash cards and improving their intelligence through gaining knowledge. Do read his book.

You can have immediate access to our library of 28,919 flash cards and right brain memory exercises.

Discover today, the type of flash cards using Glenn Doman Method to teach your child.

The Right Brain Education Library program is for parents who want to teach their baby or toddler at home using flash cards and brain development activities. Parents looking for more flash cards using Glenn Doman Method, should add this program as part of their collection of flashcard materials.

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