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The Advantages Of Teaching Your Baby Using The Right Brain Education Library

Teach the right way with the right type of flashcards and right method.

When you join the Right Brain Education Library, you will have full access to 28,919 original right brain education flashcards and exercises.

For more than 17 years, the Right Brain Education Library has been adding and improving learning materials so parents can teach their children effectively. The library has developed a system for teaching right brain education that is effective.

Here are 5 elements of the library method that is important:

1. All lessons should be short and not continuous.

Many babies and toddlers have a shorter attention span and do not like to sit for a long periods. More so if the child is hyperactive.

Every flashcard should be shown fast (less than 1 second per card), and each flashcard set should be (less than 10 seconds).

If you are showing 10 sets of flashcards or 100 flashcards (a mix of math dots and picture/word cards), do have breaks/pauses in between. In right brain training breaking between a new set of flashcards or topics is a MUST. This will give a clear indication that a topic has ended. Babies and Toddlers get very excited or curious when new topics are introduced and we recommend mixing your topic sequence as this would be more effective in Right Brain Training.

Hence your baby will have a quality lesson with proper concentration and at the same time have FUN.

Update: We do see a trend where some right brain or whole brain programs show flashcards and other activities non-stop without any pauses or breaks between them. Right brain education lessons do not work that way.

In right brain education, parental engagement is a must, just like in any right brain class, where the teacher teaches the students.

Showing printable or online flash cards without pauses or breaks between each flash card topic is considered passive learning. In your child's lessons at home, other than showing flash cards, you must hug, laugh, play, sing or talk to your child. The flash cards are a learning tool. We are the ones teaching our kids.

"You cannot activate your child's right brain through passive learning."

2. The images, font size, and design are enhanced for effective learning.

All the flashcards and right brain exercises in the library collection are researched and tested by our early learning developers to ensure that your child's home learning is engaging, effective, and fun.

3. All text and pictures are separated.

According to Glenn Doman, Shichida, and Heguru Method, pictures and words should not be on the same page. One page is pictures and the next page is words. This is important because your child should focus on the picture only or the word only. That is how flashcards are used as a learning tool to teach babies and toddlers.

4. The method focuses on FUN learning

We do not believe in pressuring or forcing a child to learn. Your child's learning must be FUN. We are called the "Right Brain Education Library" because this program is tailor-made for each child.

You can select the type of flashcards or materials based on your child's interests or talents.

5. Teaching your baby is easy, saves time, and is convenient.

Spending quality time teaching and playing with your baby or toddler should be your priority. The right brain education library immediately gives you access to over 28,919 flashcards and right brain exercises.

The library method also provides you with the "Home Practice Guide" and the "3 Minute Lesson plan". All the guidance and easy steps are provided for you to teach your baby or toddler.

Teaching your baby is easy because we provide you with all the guidance and flashcards you need. No need to make any more flash cards.

You can also discover how you can teach your child right brain education with the Right Brain Education Library.


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