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What "Glenn Doman Flash Cards & Materials" To Buy (For Sale)?

In the Glenn Doman Method, flash cards are used in teaching babies or toddlers because it is effective and easy to teach.

If you are planning to teach your baby/toddler at home using Glenn Doman method online or not...

Let’s start by looking at the core learning areas of Glenn Doman method:

  1. Teach Your Baby To Read

  2. Teach Your Baby Math

  3. Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence By Acquiring Encyclopedic Knowledge

  4. Multilingual Ability

There are many types of Glenn Doman flash cards for sale, like reading cards, words, math dots, and encyclopedia cards.

It comes in a form of online, CDs / Digital, printable PDFs, or physical flashcards in bookshops.

What is most important is you follow Doman's books (How To Teach Your Baby Math, How To Teach Your Baby To Read?, and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedia Knowledge).

There are 3 core Glenn Doman flash cards/ products/programs to buy:

  1. The Glenn Doman Baby's Reading Kit

  2. "How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge" Kit

  3. "How To Teach Your Baby Math" Kit

What type of flash cards are used in Doman's reading program?

Glenn Doman's reading program uses "whole words" flash cards. It is not the same as phonics flash cards.

In Doman's reading flash cards, there are no pictures. Only words on the flash cards. The baby or toddler will learn through recognition of the words on the flash cards. There are 5 steps in Doman's reading program.

Step 1: Single Words

Step 2: Couplets

Step 3. Phrases

Step 4. Sentences

Step 5: Books

What types of flash cards are used for Encyclopedic knowledge?

The flash cards for this will be "picture and words" flash cards. The picture in front and words behind the cards. Glenn Doman's encyclopedic flash cards are also known as "bits of intelligence".

On the front of the flash cards, will be the picture or image of the subject and behind the card is the facts of the picture.

What math dots flash cards are used by Glenn Doman's math flash card program?

The math flash cards used to consist of math red dots flash cards and numeral flash cards (1, 2, 3,..). In this math program, quantity recognition, and equations like addition, subtraction, multiplications, and division are covered.

Where to Get Glenn Doman Flash Cards For Sale?

You can buy Glenn Doman products or courses on most e-commerce sites like Amazon, Shoppee, Etsy, or eBay. You can also consider other resources that use Glenn Doman method or teaching theories.

They have recently come out with their own online program that teaches math and reading. Their focus is more on special needs children.

As Glenn Doman mentioned that the more you teach the more your child will learn. To add to your Glenn Doman flash cards collection, consider taking a look at the... is your baby or toddler flashcards learning resource. The library has over 28,919 flash cards to supplement or add to your Glenn Doman Method flash cards program.

Here is the list of flash cards you will get from the library collection,
  1. Math Dot Flash Cards - You can get our organise dots, random dots, addition, subtraction, and multiplication flash cards (It comes in 4 variable speeds of flashing so you can choose the speed your child is most comfortable with).

  2. Reading flash cards - You will get a complete (Montessori syllabus) phonics reading flash cards, sight words flash cards, and "Most common words used in the English Language" based on the Oxford English Corpus.

  3. Encyclopedia flash cards - The library has thousands of flash cards that cover alphabets, vocabulary, children's flash cards set (that covers collective nouns, astronomy and space, famous landmarks, marine life, invertebrates, names of objects, pictures, and many more).

  4. For newborns - You can start with our printable baby flash cards - "Baby/Infant Stimulation Flash Cards," basic pictures and easy words flash cards, and math dots.

  5. Multilingual flash cards - Your child has the natural ability to learn other languages. The library has Spanish, French, Russian, and Mandarin language flashcards.

Start your child's right brain learning as early as possible. You can either buy or DIY your own "Glenn Doman flash cards" to teach your child.

How Many Glenn Doman Flash Cards to Buy?

As Glenn Doman mentioned... if you want your child to have encyclopedic knowledge, you need to present to him as many "bits of intelligence" as possible.

You can show your child 100 flash cards a day for 1 week and then you move on to introduce another set of 100 flash cards. This means you have shown 400 Glenn Doman flash cards in 1 month.

Your child will learn from a total of 4800 Glenn Doman flash cards in 1 year. The more you show your child the more he learns.

You can save time and get all your baby or toddler's flash cards from the Right Brain Education Library. All the flashcards you need to teach your child are here.

And for more information on teaching your child,

Subscribe to our concise 32 pages "Right Brain Education Manual" now. Find out how you can teach your baby or toddler at home using Glenn Doman Method's theory and what flash card and learning activities you do with your child.

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