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How "Speed Reading Flash Cards" Works?

speed reading flash cards
Speed Reading Program from RightBrainEducationLibrary.Com

In the Right Brain Education method, flash cards have to be shown at a fast speed.

Speed Reading flash cards are also used as part of the right brain training for babies and toddlers.

How do Speed Reading Flash Cards work?

The idea of flashing the cards fast is to train the toddler to visually and mentally look at the cards and absorb the information shown. This can be achieved when the flash cards are flashed at high speed so the right brain will be activated.

What you want your child to achieve is to look at the picture of the flashcard like a camera. Once the eye captures the image at a fast speed, it goes to the right side of the brain. The child is then able to recall the image from the subconscious mind. 

The same goes for Speed Reading flash cards. Through practice, your child can look at the sentence on the card and understand it. An effective way to learn speed reading is through speed reading flashcards.

Important Note: Right Brain Speed Reading is not taught through "animated videos" or videos with moving characters. 

When you teach your child speed reading, it is through flashing word and picture flashcards.

When you join RightBrainEducationLibrary.Com, you get Speed Reading flash cards for your toddler to practice.


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