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Introducing the BEST Mandala Memory Right Brain Education Program

We are excited to announce the new launch for this December, the All-New COMPLETE Mandala Memory Program. All paid members of the library will have access to all the mandala memory exercises.

This NEW photographic memory program is an essential part of your child's right brain training at home and is practiced every day by the Shichida Method, Heguru Method, and right brain education students.

There are Levels 1 to Level 6 and each level has 150 memory puzzles.

That makes a total of 900 Mandala memory puzzles.

And these new 900 Mandala flashcards in PDF worksheets have replaced all the library's older 200 mandala puzzles.

This is the only right brain mandala program that comes with the most number of puzzles and is specially developed for right brain education training for babies and toddlers.

Over the years, many parents have been using the Right Brain Education Library's flashcards and right brain memory activities to teach their babies and toddlers.

To learn how to Right Brain Education Mandala works. And...

Subscribe to our concise 32 page "Right Brain Education Manual" now. Find out how you can use flashcards and right brain memory activities to teach your baby or toddler at home and what home learning activities you do with your child.

Right brain activities (mandala memory puzzles, tangram, photographic memory puzzles)


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