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The Secret Behind Right Brain Education for Babies and Toddlers

"What is the science behind the Right Brain Education theories?"

"What are ways to develop the right brain? So that I fully understand how to apply the method with my son."

So here it is...

Most of the early learning right brain training from Japan, USA, UK, Singapore, India or elsewhere, the curriculum is "left brain" method, which utilises a more left-brain, linear approach to learning.

The right brain education pioneer, Dr Makoto Shichida believes that both the right and left side of the brain needs to work together, which he calls hemispheric synchronisation.

Which means "the right and left side of the brain connected and working together".

Dr Makoto Shichida's method is also known as "right brain education". He uses this term to differentiate his approach from the rest of the traditional method.

What is the Shichida Method's teaching philosophy?

"Marriage of Heart and Mind"

He believes the love between the parent and child must be present before any whole brain training can be effective. The right brain functions are activated through the love of parent and child.

The traditional education approach is more concern with academic scores.

Shichida's method promotes a parenting style that understands the child's mind; It is a parenting style that can develop the capabilities of the right brain.

Right brain education works through "Love, Mind, and Brain".

Love = encouragement, affirmation, providing sense of assurance and praises.

Through love, the child's mind will be more open or motivated to learning. With an open and positive mind, the "brain" will work positively. Which means, your child will learn effectively.

What is the "whole-brain learning" program?

Programs like Shichida promotes whole-brain education.

This is done by,

1. Developing the right brain (right brain education) and 2. Connecting the right brain with the left brain.

This allows the right and left brain to work together in balance.

Here are 4 ways to develop the right brain?

1. Input a large number of facts - This can be done via flashcards (math, language, picture, and others).

2. Stimulate the right brain senses - This is to develop the "mental image ability" of the child. For example, you can use flashcards and Mandala exercises to stimulate the sight and hearing senses and develop image ability.

3. Memory training - Through exercises that develop imagination, and creativity. For example, Peg Memory, Linking Story, Imaginary exercises and others.

4. Rhythm and speed - This is the most important in the Shichida method. The focus is on fast response and thinking power and also the ability to receive and memorise images instantaneously. Flash cards are one of the primary materials used.

The left brain and right brain learns and operate differently.

The left brain operates at the Beta wave frequency (14-30 hertz/second) and the right brain at the Alpha wave frequency (8-13 hertz/second). Alpha state is associate at a relaxed state of mind.

Dr Makoto Shichida teaches that relaxation and deep breathing are needed for the Right Brain to operate. Every right brain lessons, whether in class or at home, breathing exercises are done before lessons begin.

Traditional Method Vs Right Brain Education Method

Dr Makoto Shichida believes that when every child born, their right-brain abilities are present and active.

Based on his observation, during the age of 0 to 3 years old, every child has the natural ability to learn. This is a period in which the child maximise the use of the right brain.

It is the period where exposing as much knowledge at high speed is essential, especially when the right brain is dominant.

This is the period where their natural instinct to survive is present and where knowledge is absorbed like a sponge during this tender age. This is the easiest and best time to teach your child.

From 4 to 6 years old, the right brain begins to shift from right-brain to left-brain dominance naturally.

At this age, parents' personal dedication and involvement are needed to show better learning results.

By understanding the development and function of your child's brain, you will know how to teach your child and why it is done that way.

The first 6 to 7 years of your child's development is the most important. These are his foundation years. With a strong foundation, his learning years will be easier. The flashcards and the right brain materials in the library collection are designed to train and develop the right brain and also to connect the left brain.

The Right Brain Education recommends flashcards to be flash at less than 1 second to 0.5-seconds per card.

NOTE: if you have any questions on right brain education / training method, teaching your child using flashcards (Shichida or Heguru Method), or wanting to join the library to teach your child, you can speak to our support team.

Discover what right brain education materials you need to teach your child.

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