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Baby Brain Development Activities for 1, 2, 3 to 7 Years Old

brain development activities for babies and toddlers

The purpose of your baby's brain development activities are to develop:

  1. Photographic Memory

  2. Speed Reading Abilities

  3. Language Mastery

  4. Speed Mathematics

  5. Super Creativity

Your baby or toddler's early learning activities should begin before your child goes to preschool or kindergarten.

According to Professor Makoto Shichida (founder of the Shichida Method program) and Glenn Doman (founded the Glenn Doman Method), the best time to start teaching your baby or toddler is at the age of 0, 1, 2, and 3 years old.

However, if your child is 4 years old and above it is still not too late.

The Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman Method are the pioneers in the right brain education method.

Here is the list of brain training and brain development activities you can practice with your baby or toddler at home.

  1. Alpha Relaxation (music and breathing exercises before lessons)

  2. Eye Training Exercises

  3. Flashcards (math dots and picture cards)

  4. Photo Image Play

  5. Mental Imaging

  6. Observation Training

  7. Linking Memory/Peg Memory/Mandala Memory

  8. Photographic Memory and Speed Reading

Your baby or toddler's brain training activities consist of flash cards, memory exercises, and other "brain stimulation" educational games. Discover how you can do these baby brain development activities.


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