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Why Starting Your Child’s Right Brain Education Training Early Is Important?

Yes, right brain education is important in both the development of the right and left brain. Why? During the early years of your baby/toddler, emphasis should be given more to their right brain training development. Because during this time the development of the right brain is at its peak. You should start your baby or toddler's right brain education right away.

Why is right brain education important?

Early learning experts advocate starting your child as early as possible because they believe, the younger you start teaching your child the easier it is to teach.

Law of Diminishing Abilities for Right Brain Education

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In right brain education method training, their curriculum covers both the right brain and the left brain training/exercises. From 4 months old to 3 years old, your child will do more right brain training. As they get older, more left brain training/exercises will be added gradually.


Training the right and left sides of the brain is important. However, based on the graph, you must start your child right brain training much earlier. Only much later you can work on their left brain. In this way, you can bring out the best potential in your child...

Result of Ability Development from Shichida Method

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Discover how your baby or toddler can benefit from right brain education is important, and how you can expand your child's learning capabilities through right brain training. And...

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