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8 Must Follow Rules in Shichida, Heguru & Glenn Doman Method

Father teaching daughter flashcards
Follow These Simple Rules & Teaching Your Child Will Be EASY.

You need the right flash cards and brain exercises for your baby.

Next is to follow these 8 essential rules from Glenn Doman, Shichida Method or Heguru Method.

1. Start as early as possible. Through the research done by Professor Glenn Doman and Professor Makoto Shichida, it is proven that your child will have a head start in life when you start your child's education earlier. It is best to start your child when your child is a newborn or a baby.

2. Only start your flash card lessons when you and your child are calm and in a happy mood. Learning must be fun and not a chore for your child. You must also be enthusiastic because your child knows if you are or not.

3. Respect and Believe in your child. Do not doubt your child's capabilities. Do not assume your child is too young to learn or understand. Do go ahead and teach math or "big" words even if your child is not able to pronounce or speak yet. Your child can learn even if they have not developed their motor skills like talking or singing yet. Your child should be brought up in a respected and trusting environment.

4. Do not force your child. Learning becomes stressful the moment you push or force your child.

5. Create a routine. It does take time, but take your time to create a routine for teaching your child. Nobody likes surprises, neither does your child. Let your child know that it's learning time and tell them what "we are going to do."

6. Never test your child. It is like putting stress on your child and making learning a chore. Perhaps only after one or two years of right brain sessions, you can test your child.

7. Create a learning environment. Make sure there are no distractions around your child. You can put on some very relaxing background music to calm your child, get them relaxed then start your lessons.

8. Be flexible. Every child is different, so your approach should be different. For example, some kids like math, so do more math. I would advise going with what you feel your child likes.

Teaching your child is very easy. Just follow the above, get lots of learning materials and teach your child consistently. That's it!

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