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Top 10 Advice From Glenn Doman Method

Learn How to Read, Learn How to Count Glenn Doman Method


If you want to get tips or advice on teaching your child using Glenn Doman method, there is no other better person than listening to Glenn Doman advice.

He is the pioneer in early learning using right brain education method. Every quote he says is backed by research carried out by himself. Before you start taking out your reading of math dots flash cards here are his 10 best advice:

1. "How does the brain grow? The brain grows by use. Just like the biceps, the brain grows by use. Those who use their biceps very little have small, undeveloped, weak biceps. Those who use their biceps an extraordinary amount have extraordinary biceps. There is no other possibility. The same is true of the brain because the brain grows by use."

How Smart is Your Baby?

2. "The purpose of giving a child encyclopedic knowledge is not to make Nobel Prize winners, or concert violinists, or Olympic stars, or geniuses of and any sort. It is to give them unlimited options in life. So few of us have had unlimited options. The purpose of giving a child every possible ability (and the possibilities are endless) is to give him unlimited horizons, to open all possible doors. It is so that he can choose what he is to be, from an endless list of possibilities."

How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge

3. "Learning is not synonymous with education. Education begins at six; learning begins at birth."

4. "Always stop before he wants to stop. This principle is true for all teaching of all human beings at all stages of development and at any age."

How to Teach Your Baby Math

5. "You must at all times be sensitive to your child's attention, interest, and enthusiasm. These elements when carefully observed by you will be invaluable tools in shaping and reshaping your child's daily program to suit his needs as he changes and develops."

How to Teach Your Baby Math

Glenn Doman Flash Cards Library

6. "Tiny kids can learn anything that you can present to them in an honest, factual way. If you give them the facts they'll deduce the laws that govern them. That is exactly the same method that scientists use to discover laws. So don't give them theories and abstractions, give them facts, give them a reality. From the facts, little children are brilliantly able to intuit the laws."

How to Teach Your Baby Math

7. "Stimulation is the key to unlocking your child's potential. The world has looked at brain growth and development as if they were predestined and unchangeable facts. We have discovered that brain growth and development are a single dynamic process. This is a process that can be stopped (as it is by profound brain injury). This is a process which can be slowed (as it is by moderate brain injury), but most significantly this is a process which can be speeded."

8 "Teaching and learning should never involve testing. One of the beauties of teaching a tiny child is that the process of teaching is a pure process of giving information without asking for it back again." - Janet Doman

9. "We have assumed that children hate to learn essentially because most of us have disliked or even despised school. Again we have mistaken schooling for learning. Not all children in school are learning just as not all children who are learning are doing so in school... . The process of learning should be fun of the highest order, for it is indeed the greatest game in life. Sooner or later all bright people come to this conclusion." "How to Teach Your Baby to Read" written by Glenn Doman

10. "Consider the three-year-old who asks, 'Daddy, why is the sun hot?' 'How did the little man get into the TV set?', 'What makes flowers grow, Mommy?' While the child is displaying an electronic, astronomical, and biological curiosity, we too often tell him to run along and play with his toys... It is ironic that when the child is older, we will tell him repeatedly how foolish he is for not wanting to learn about astronomy physics and biology. Learning, we will tell him, is the most important thing in life, and indeed it is. We have, however, overlooked the other side of the coin. Learning is also the greatest game in life, and the most fun."

"How to Teach Your Baby to Read" written by Glenn Doman


11. "Teaching should commence at birth. The first year of life is a critical time. This is the time when the brain growing explosively. The brain literally grows by use, and if we use it, we're going to grow it. And if you don't use it, especially in the first 12 months, then you literally will lose brain cells - you won't have as much brain power as you would've had." - Janet Doman

Glenn Doman books have great advice and quotes on teaching your baby reading and math. I hope you are got some tips on teaching your child.

The Glenn Doman method quotes are curated by The Right Brain Education Library. Parents who teach their baby or toddler at home use our flash card collection to teach their child at home.

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