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6 Easy DIY Ways To Get Your Baby/Toddler Focus On Flashcards

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You can teach your child to concentrate better. It takes practice.

Teaching your baby or toddler to focus or concentrate requires practice and training. As your child gets older they will be able to concentrate on their classroom and studies.

How do you get your toddler to sit still and pay attention?

Here are 6 easy DIY ways to get your toddler to sit still and have FUN learning their flashcards.
  1. Pick the right time when your toddler is in the right mood. It could be after a meal, before bedtime, or during playtime.

  2. Make flashcards time playtime/fun time. Always take the opportunity to bond with your toddler. Learn and play with them.

  3. FUN breathing exercises. Instead of jumping straight into your toddler's home lessons, why not do some breathing exercises? For example, you can get a "hand windmill" which you can DIY. Get your child to blow.

  4. Put on some soothing music. Get your child to be calmer, tone down, and be more relaxed.

  5. Environment. Choose a spot in your house that is least distracting, away from distracting noises, clutter, his object that your child can grab and play with.

  6. Always introduce new flashcards. When your child is not focused, it also could mean they have learned and wants to move on to newer flashcards.

What do you do when your toddler...
  1. Cries and throws tantrums.

  2. Looks away or walks away.

  3. Says "no" or "no more".

Here are your answers...
  1. Stop your toddler flash card lessons for that day immediately, when your child cries and throws tantrums. You may continue the lessons for another day. Your toddler could be hungry, uncomfortable, not ready, sleepy, or other possible reasons. But always remember to make the flash card lesson a play activity.

  2. If your child is not looking at the flashcards and seems to be looking "everywhere", it does not mean they are not interested in the lessons. Do continue to show the flashcards . They may not be looking at the flashcards, but they are listening. For example, in most right brain classes, the teacher will continue to teach even if the children are looking away or focusing on other things. There are days when your child is "super focused", and there are days they are not their very best.

  3. Stop your flashcard lesson for the day, when your child says "no" or "no more". Take a break and continue another day.

Continue to show the flashcards even if your child is "not looking". They are still learning. At the same time, you want your toddler to get comfortable with their flash card lessons.

Treat the flash card lessons as part of their routine. Just like playtime, eating, and sleeping.


Never jump straight into your toddler's lessons. Always set up your child and get them in the right learning mood.

Make that a routine.

Make sure you and your child are having FUN because your child will learn better when they are having FUN.

Your toddler likes flash cards that are interesting, bright, and sharp in colour.

Discover the types of flashcards for your toddler flash card lessons.


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