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Baby Flash Cards: 3 Most Important Things To Do

12 months old baby looking at flashcards on Ipad

Using flashcards to teach your baby is VERY EFFECTIVE if you do it in the right way. Here are 3 tips on how you can use flashcards to teach your baby/toddler.

1. Flashcard time is playtime.

Baby learn best through play. Make showing flashcards as part of your child's play. Make your child feel learning is FUN.

2. Expose your child to new words and colourful pictures.

You can use flashcards as part of everyday play and exploration in his safe and stimulating environment. You can show the world to your child (zoo, amusement park, different countries...) via flashcards.

3. Show flashcards that your child likes to see.

Ask your child what they like to see. Encourage your child to think for themselves. This is also an essential part of interactive teaching. You will also discover your child's preferences and talents at an early age.


4. Cultivate learning at an early age.

Self-learning can be cultivated by creating good habits. By showing flashcards and playing with educational toys during your child's early age your child is building a good habit of learning.

If you are looking for baby flash cards and right brain education materials, please click here.

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