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Baby Brain Development Activities: Baby Training & Sensory

Baby Brain Music Activities

In the right brain education schools, their classes cover a combination of baby right brain development exercises.

To improve your baby or toddler learning, here is a list of baby brain activities/exercises you can do for your baby (3 to 4 months old onwards) at home:

1. Dot Cards (math dots)

2. ESP Training Game

3. Memory Training

4. Speed Reading

5. Story Telling

6. Visualisation

7. Right Brain Flashcards

Do not necessarily follow in that order or combination. What is most important is that you have a combination of right brain exercises in your home classes. Select the correct type of materials based on your child's capability and interest.

Always keep your home lessons FUN.

Right Brain Class Preparation Is Important. WHY?

You want your child to be in a relaxed state of mind. Your child will be more focused and learn better. Your child's right brain works better when he/she is in a relaxed state.

Here is what you should do...

Always do:

1. Deep Breathing (1 minute)

2. Relaxation Exercises (1 minute)

3. Affirmation (Praise your child)

For every lesson, remember to practice deep breathing and relaxation exercises. It gets your child to be calm and confident before every lesson.

Check out the types of baby right brain development activities and exercises, you can do with your baby or toddler.

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