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Right Brain Education: What Is The Benefit Of "Speed" Flashcards?

Father teaching his child the right brain education method
"Speed" Flashcards are used by Right Bain Education Method like Shichida, Heguru, or Glenn Doman Method. Flashcard teaches your child more than math, reading, and encyclopedic knowledge.

The 4 reason for showing "Speed" flashcards is:

  1. High-speed flashcards activate the right brain.

  2. Helps develop a child's photographic memory function. When you show flashcards at high speed the right brain memory is activated and developed.

  3. Helps develop the connection between the left and right brain. When you show the flashcards, pictures and words are shown and words are spoken. It helps to connect both sides of the brain because pictures and images are processed by the right brain, while the language spoken is processed by the left brain. Flashing cards develop both processes of the brain.

  4. To develop Speed Reading capabilities.

"Speed" Flashcards Expand Your Child's Learning Abilities

Over the years many parents uses the Right Brain Education Library resources to teach their babies or toddlers.

Discover the type of right brain education flashcard materials you can use to teach your child.

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