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Heguru Method: Top 5 Advice On Early Childhood Learning

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If you want to get tips or advice on teaching your child, there is no other better person than Ruiko Henmi (Founder / CEO of the Heguru, HEGL method). She is the authority in early childhood education using right brain education method from Japan.

Every quote she says is backed by research carried out by herself. Before you start taking out your Heguru flashcards and teaching materials, check out her advice.

  1. ”Development of potential abilities means to activate the genes that are asleep within the individual.”

  2. ”Most parents would be more focused on results, but the most important thing is to find out the child's actual talents.”

  3. ”Unless the child is surrounded by love, he or she will not be able to have a good foundation for learning. That is why we highly recommend parents to sit in with their babies.”

  4. ”Give your child more time to develop to his potential, it takes time for results to show.”

  5. ”Do not limit everything to results. As long as your child is good and likes something, and you give him the opportunity to develop, he will find success with something."

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library


Every child should be given an opportunity to play and find their interest/talent, then work on them and expose your child to as many learning materials as possible. Find out more.

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