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Why Are Baby Flash Cards Important?

According to a well known early learning right brain pioneer, Professor Makoto Shichida, flashcards are a must-have in your home practice because:

  • They give your child general knowledge.

  • They activate the child's right brain by flashing the cards at high speed (less than 1 second each).

  • The child can acquire instant memory. Learning is normally a left brain memory function. When you input information at a high speed, the right brain memory is activated.

  • They connect the right and the left side of the brain. During flashcard lessons, pictures/images and words are shown.

Pictures are processed by the right brain, and language/words are processed by the left brain.

Flashing the cards strengthens both sides of the brain.

The more flashcards you show, the more your child will learn, and at the same time, it will expand your child's right brain capabilities.

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