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The Heguru Method: When Should We Test Our Child?

It is counterproductive to test your child.

Here's what the founder of Heguru Education has to say.

Mrs. Ruiko Henmi, Co-Founder of Heguru says:

"Do not limit everything to results. As long as your child is good and likes something and you give him the opportunity to develop, he will find success with something."

Most parents ask this question, "Can I test my child?"

When you test a child on what they have learned or been taught, it takes the fun out of learning.

Learning becomes a chore or a duty. Your child learns better when he is enjoying his lessons.

So make sure you select the learning materials that he likes.

Right Brain Education Library is used by parents that send their kids to Heguru classes. Parents use the library resources as part of their Heguru right brain learning at home. To learn how you can expand your child's learning capabilities, click here.

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