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What are Heguru SUPER FLASH CARDS?


Heguru flashcards are sometimes nicknamed "Super Flash Cards".


It is because Heguru Method (HEGL) show their flash cards faster than 0.5 seconds per card. Flashcards are an important part of Heguru activities.

Here is what they believe...

The MOST IMPORTANT part of right brain training is the super speed flashing that will stimulate and train the right side of the brain.

If you do not flash faster than one second per card, you are not training the right brain.

In the '60s, you have Professor Glenn Doman that advocates that you must flash one-second per card or "as fast as you can." Much later you have right brain schools like Shichida and Heguru that went on further and tried to flash even much faster, i.e., lesser than 0.5 seconds per card.

Based on Heguru's research and from the past results from their students, it is possible to flash at a "Super Flash Card" speed and at the same time flash at a large number of flash cards. The child can absorb better and remember what has been flashed to them. This is part of Heguru's Hado Reading.

Heguru emphasizes that you must flash at a very high speed.


When doing your "Super Flash Cards" training, it may seem illogical but do not underestimate the capability of the right brain. Keep on flashing, and in the long term, you will see results.

The End Results

Your child will have a better memory and learns faster whenever new learning materials are shown to them.

The has designed its "right brain education" flashcards to meet the requirements of Shichida and Heguru Method. For your "Super Flash Cards" training, we have provided 4 different speeds for you to choose to flash to your child. When you flash, start with Speed 1 and gradually move up to "Speed 4".

Discover more about the library "Super Flash Cards." And...

Many parents that send their kids to Heguru use the Right Brain Education Library flashcards and right brain memory exercises for their Heguru home practice.

Find out how you can teach your baby or toddler at home and what home-learning activities you do with your child.

heguru flashcards and shichida flash cards from right brain education library

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