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Speed Reading Flashcards For your Home Teaching Materials

If you enroll in the Right Brain Education method (Shichida method, Heguru Method, and right brain education), you are on the right track to building a solid learning foundation for your child.

For your child to achieve their maximum potential, your child needs :

1. Practice, Practice, and Practice.

2. You need a variety of flash card materials and right brain exercises.

3. Consistent. has 28,919 flash cards and lots of right brain exercises (printable) for you to teach your child.

You will never run out of "Right Brain flashcards" and right brain teaching materials.

The secret to teaching your child successfully is to expose them to as much variety of materials as possible. And most important is the method of teaching.

Here is the list of right brain exercises (also printable) that is in the library:

  1. Peg Memory

  2. Linking Memory (Story)

  3. Image Play

  4. Right Brain Mandala Exercises

  5. Eye Exercise Charts (Preparations for speed reading training)

  6. Speed Reading Exercise

  7. PLUS a Home Practice Guide (a checklist on what to teach your child at home)

Go to to look at the collection of right brain materials you can use for your Heguru home practice.

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