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The Secret of Teaching your Child Effectively (Glenn Doman Method)

Glenn Doman says:

"The more speed, the more new material and the more joy, the better."

From his many years of research, Glenn Doman has taught many babies and toddlers.

Doman understands what makes a child learn.

He has developed effective methods for teaching your child.

Here are the 3 formulas devised by Glenn Doman, if you want your child to learn:

  1. You must show the flashcards as fast as you can.

  2. Always introduce new flashcards to your child.

  3. Make sure every lesson at home is FUN.

The Right Brain Education Library's flash cards and right brain memory exercises have been used by many parents to teach their babies or toddlers using the Glenn Doman Method.

To learn how you can expand your child's learning capabilities, click here.

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