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Shichida Method Vs Heguru Vs Glenn Doman Method

right brain education schools

Here is our review of Shichida Method, Heguru Method, and Glenn Doman Method...

"Which brain edevelopment method is better?" and "Which right brain learning program is recommended?"

Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman Method are the pioneers "right brain education" schools. These schools have been in operation for many years, but they are different in focus.

Before you look at their differences, don't forget to subscribe and read or download our concise 32-page "Right Brain Education Manual". We share with you all the activities that are practiced in class, online, or at home by the Shichida Method, Heguru Method and Glenn Doman Method. Also how you can teach your child at home using these methods.

Glenn Doman Method

Glenn Doman is the founder of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential. In the 1940s through Glenn Doman's research, he discovers the earlier you start teaching your baby, the easier it is to teach. Doman focuses on the baby's intellectual and physical development.

Doman's focus is on developing the baby's intelligence like:

  1. Learning how to teach your baby math

  2. Learning how to read

  3. Developing encyclopedic knowledge

His methods also cover music, foreign languages, and kinaesthetic vestibular exercises. Doman uses flash cards through repetition to teach a child.

Shichida Method

Who is Professor Makoto Shichida?

He is a well-known public figure in Japan, having committed over forty years to experimenting with techniques to stimulate "early development of the right brain education in children" beginning in the womb and continuing through adulthood.

The first Shichida centre was opened in Gotsu, Japan in 1978 with great success. Today there are more than 450 Shichida centres in Japan.

Shichida Method right brain training programme is available in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, UK, and Romania.

"Shichida Education is "soul education". the main aim of the Shichida method is not just to give children knowledge but to cultivate their heart and soul" - Professor Makoto Shichida

Shichida uses flash cards and right brain exercises like dot cards (rapid lightning calculations), alpha music, eye training exercises, photographic memory, linking memory, image play, imaginary story, mandala, speed reading, and many more.

The focus is on developing the child's intelligence, creativity and thinking ability.

Shichida believes right brain abilities can be developed through repeated training during early childhood.

Comparing Makoto Shichida and Glenn Doman, both educators believe that, the earlier you start teaching/training your child, the more intelligent your child will be.

Shichida goes a step further by seeing an even more significant potential that the child's brain could achieve. By introducing right brain exercise materials to his students, they can expand their potential even further.

2020 Update: The Shichida Method is now known as "Whole Brain Education".

Heguru Method

Who and What is Heguru / HEGL Method?

The founders are a husband and wife team, Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi. Their right brain school is based in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Through the effectiveness of their early learning program, they received extensive media coverage and interest from parents and children.

Their 1st school that was open outside of Japan was Malaysia, followed by Singapore and the rest are Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuwait, Indonesia, India, and UAE.

Heguru Method focuses on high-speed data processing, photographic memory retention, and enrichment of creativity.

Both the founders, Hirodata and Ruiko Henmi, have spent over 30 years studying and developing their early learning method.

Like Shichida, Heguru also placed the importance of nurturing the child positively and the goodness of hearts in their methodology. Hence Heguru wants to develop future generations that can lead and contribute to the common good of humanity.

There is one special subject they have; it is their "Hado Reading" also known as wave reading. Hado Reading is a super speed reading program where their advanced students read books by just flipping the pages. Through their photographic memory and by seeing each book page with words as an image they can read and comprehend what they read.

What sets the Heguru Method apart from Shichida is the way the classes are conducted. Both of these right brain schools use flash cards and right brain exercises, but the speed and pace of Heguru classes are faster than Shichida.

For example, you have Glenn Doman flash cards that are flash "as fast as you can" / less than one second; Shichida says flashing cards must be faster than one second and Heguru calls theirs "Super Flashcards," where cards must be flashed super fast.

What does Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman have in common?

All the 3 right brain schools believe the secret to training the right brain is through speed flashing. Which is flashing cards less than 1 second per card.

This is to activate the right side of the brain. It is the creative brain (imagination, memorisation and visualisation).

Shichida Method and Heguru flashcards as fast as 1 - 0.5 seconds. Glenn Doman is less than 1 second (or as quick as you can).

Editor's Comments/Review...

The Shichida Method is known as "Whole Brain Education" and the Heguru Method as "Right Brain Education".

They are both almost the same.

I like Heguru's training method because of its emphasis on flashing cards and right brain training exercises. They are very focused on memory training and expanding the child's right brain abilities.

As for Shichida's method, they include the importance of bonding, morals, cultivating love and compassion. Which every kid should learn.

Lastly, Glenn Doman Method focuses on reading, math, encyclopedic knowledge and physical development.

There are no "Which is better?" schools. All three are the original "right brain education" schools that have done a lot of research on early childhood education. The only difference is that all three schools have a different focus.

Consistent practice using flash cards, right brain exercises and parental bonding is essential. You can expand your child's learning abilities.

Discover the types of flash cards and right brain activities you can use to teach your baby or toddler. Also...

Subscribe to our concise 32 pages "Right Brain Education Manual" now. Find out how you can teach your baby or toddler at home and what home learning activities you do with your child.

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