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How To Teach Your Baby To Talk/Read Early?

Teaching Your Baby to Talk Early
Comparing Parents that teaches their baby to talk

Source: Laliberte, Richard, "Parents Report", Parents Magazine, Vol. 72, No. 9 (September 1997), page 50

There is a correlation between teaching your baby to talk/read and increasing your baby’s language development / vocabulary.

The more words / vocabulary the baby learns, the faster they learn to talk.

"It was previously thought that language began when kids started talking to us at about one year of age. The new research shows that this is incorrect and that infants are mapping the sound structure of language in the first six to 12 months."

-Patricia Khul, PhD., professor of speech and hearing sciences at the University of Washington

By talking, your baby will naturally try to imitate what you say and do.

There are many ways to "talk" to your baby.

Here are methods how your baby can learn to talk early:

  1. Read to your baby

  2. Talk more to your baby

  3. Learn new words through “learning flash cards.”

Mother reading to her baby

1. Read to your baby.

Experts agree that it is never too early to start reading with your baby. When you read a picture book, it will help his visual, vocabulary and listening skills. Your baby will have the opportunity to learn,

  1. Sound emphasising

  2. Intonation patterns

  3. Word meaning

  4. Good attention skills

By listening to you reading, your baby will learn how to shape his babbles into words.

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library

2. Talk to your baby.

Based on research, by talking to your baby, you strengthen the pathway of his brain.

To create learning opportunities to learn new things. For example, going to the supermarket, post office, cafe, dry cleaners and in the car, and talk to him about what is he seeing, doing and thinking.

3. Introducing "Early Learning" flash cards.

The most effective way is to introduce flashcards to teach your baby to talk using proven methods from Glenn Doman, Shichida or Heguru method. The pictures shown on flash cards to your baby must be realistic pictures and NOT cartoons. By showing the flash cards repetitively your baby will learn. Your baby will learn through visual and hearing.


Your baby learns to talk through listening and imitating. As parents, we must give or create opportunities for your child to learn. The more you "talk," the more your child will learn.

Discover what are the types of early learning flash cards to increase your baby’s language development/vocabulary.

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