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"Shichida Flashcards Method" at Home

"Shichida Flashcards" Instructions - Home Practice

Here are some of the advice by the Shichida Method you will find very useful when you teach your child at home.

With over 18,000 flash cards in, you have more than enough materials to teach your child.

Here is part of the instructions on how to flash cards using Shichida Method at home.

  • You have a choice to play the slides with or without the audio on while you read the words to your child.

  • Once your child is familiar with the cards, you can flash the slides much faster. If you think your child is comfortable, go ahead and flash the slides at a faster speed.

  • To start, you can flash a minimum of 100 to 200 cards per lesson (can be any picture and dots flash cards). You may gradually increase this number when your child requests. Do not force your child past their limit.

  • After two weeks you can continue to introduce new sets of flash cards of 100 to 200 flash cards.

  • At the end of the session, kiss, hug and praise your child. Don’t be afraid to share longer words; don’t underestimate your child’s learning ability.

  • Remember, according to Makoto Shichida you will activate the right brain when you flash the cards at high speed. Make sure you have a variety of flash cards so your child won't get bored.

  • The flash cards in the library are to be used as materials/tools to teach your child. Parental bonding and supervision are important when it comes to effectively teaching your child. Do not let your child play the flash card by themselves.

Our flashcard library covers all your right brain flash card needs. Learn more by visiting our library.

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