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How To Teach Your Baby Math Dot Cards?

Teaching your baby math is by using the math "Dots" flash card method is simple. There are only a few steps to follow.

To teach your baby math, you should always start with "Math Dots Flash Cards".

What are "Math Dots Flash Cards"?

Also known as "right brain math flash cards". The dots on the flash cards can come in the form of red dots or picture of small and attractive objects like balls, cartoons or anything that keep your baby's attention on the flash cards.


There are two types of math flash cards, Numerals and Dot flash cards.

According to the Glenn Doman Method, numerals are symbols representing the number of objects.

Dots represent the real amount of objects on the flash card. 

For your child's understanding and foundation of mathematics, your baby must be able to count dots/number of objects. Only when they understand you can move on to numerals. 

The interesting thing is, babies can actually see and almost instantly identify exactly the actual number as well as a numeral.

Teaching your child math using dots is very easy.

When to start?

According to Glenn Doman, the younger, the better and it is easier to teach. You can start at the age of 3 months onwards. There are other right brain schools like Shichida and Heguru Method that starts as early as 4 months old.

How to teach your baby or toddler math with dots flash cards?

There is 2 simple learning process/formula.

Step 1 = Quantity Recognition Dots (recognising/identifying the quantity of dots)

Step 2 = Equations Dots (addition, subtraction dots, and multiplications)

Once you have taught your baby with maths dots, you can move on to numerals (1,2,3...). You also follow the same process. Which are, "Quantity Recognition Numerals and next is "Equations Numerals".

Kid solving difficult mathematical problems

Here are 2 popular methods to teach your baby math dots

1. Glenn Doman Method - This method is available by purchasing the Glenn Doman Math Kit. I personally find the Doman method very comprehensive but material preparations are time-consuming in terms of introducing new flash card lessons. Every lesson 2 or 3 new flash cards are introduced, and at the same time, 2 or 3 other flash cards are "retired" / removed. When you get his program, the lesson guidelines are given but you have to prepare the math lessons yourself. Great program but very time-consuming.

2. Right Brain Math Method - A bit more simplified, you can this right brain math flash cards program online.

Start with " Dots Math Cards" and later move on to "Numerals Flash Cards". Both the Dots and Numerals must cover quantity recognition (true value), and equations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication). Flash the math cards as fast as 1 second per card.

It does not matter which method you follow. What is most important is your child's exposed to maths and is enjoying his lessons.

Most Important: When your baby enjoys his math lessons, means he is interested and learning well.

Discover more about what other Maths Flashcard materials you need to have to teach your child.

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