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How "Glenn Doman Method" Math Red Dot Flash Cards Works?

"Learning maths is not just learning to count. It is increasing your child's intelligence."

Quote by, Professor Glenn Doman, "How To Teach Your Baby Math."

It is very important for you to develop your child’s numeracy concepts in their early childhood.

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The first step on how to teach your baby or toddler math is by using math “Red Dots” flash cards.

Dots are used in teaching your child how to recognise numbers and learn to count. Once your child understands their numbers, the next math lessons are numerals (1,2,3).

What is the best age to start Math Dots Flash Cards?

According to Professor Glenn Doman, you can start your baby at the age of 3 months old.

In Glenn Doman's books/kit (How To Teach Your Child Math, Multiply Your Child's Intelligence and others)

he mentioned...

"It is easier to teach a one-year-old
any set of fact, than it is to teach a seven-year-old."

He believes a child begins to learn at birth or earlier.

It is easier to teach if your child is younger.

Between birth and four years old, the ability to absorb information is at its peak.

What are Math Dots Cards?

Also known as “right brain math flashcards.” There are 2 types of dot flash cards. Quantity flash cards and the other is numeral flash cards.

"Numerals" are symbols like 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. "Quantity" is an actual number of objects like the red dots on the flash cards.

Adults recognise symbols very easily. Numerals like 1,2,3 are symbols. Whether it is 10 or 1,000,000 and above without much effort.

The maths red dots on the flashcards represents the real quantity.

But when it comes to the real quantity of the math red dots flash cards shown below,

We can recognise it with ease but when it comes to larger quantities like math red dots flash card below

we as adults rely on symbols.

As for a baby or a young child, they can actually see and can identify the actual quantity as well as the numeral.

So that is a good reason why we should start teaching your child math early.

How is it possible that a baby or toddler is able to see the red dots and tell how many are there?

Based on research, a baby or toddler is able to subitize. It is the ability to look at a group of objects and immediately tell the number of objects seen. It is known that babies and toddlers can subitize better than adults.

When and how do you show the Doman math dot cards?

According to Glenn Doman, you can start your child when they are 3 months old onward.

How to teach your child?

Here are two important factors:

1. Your approach when teaching your child -

You must treat every math lesson as fun and joyous. Learning must be FUN and not work or chore. When you do your lessons keep it short and have your lessons three times a day for only 20 or 30 seconds. You must stop your lessons before your child wants to stop.

2. The type of materials you use -

Glenn Doman math kit (How to teach your baby math) can come in the form of physical cards or CD Rom. You can use whichever is convenient for you.

You begin your child's lessons with the Dots flash cards. Flash less than 1 second per card.

The first lesson on the dots is expanding your child's number perception/quantity recognition. Then your equations are included in your child's math exercises.

Equations consist of addition dots flash cards; subtraction dots flash cards, multiplication and division.

Once your child is done with the dots quantity recognition and equations, you can introduce the numbers or numerals math flash cards.

Almost all adults rely on numerals to do math which are symbols to represent numbers. Children can "see" the actual quantity/numbers in their mind's eye. The child will be able to "read" the actual number.

That is why young children can learn math very fast.

Glenn Doman said...

"By the time he is six years of age and begins his schooling he has already absorbed a fantastic amount of information, a fact to fact, perhaps more than he will learn the rest of his life."

Discover how you can teach your baby at home using Glenn Doman Method and theories.

For more info about the "Glenn Doman Method", we would highly recommend you to read his books and visit their official website.

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