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How Many Right Brain Flashcards Do You Need?

"The more you flash, the more your child will learn."

When you teach your child Shichida at home, flashcards are part of the right brain training.

It may only be part of your child's right brain lessons, but it is an essential learning right brain material.

How Many Shichida Flash Cards Per Lesson?

If you are doing your Shichida at home, here is their method of flashing, when flashing cards, it should be less than 1 second per card.

You can flash 100 to 200 flash cards per lesson and should only take less than 3 minutes excluding the other right brain exercises.

Shichida Flashcards


Let's take a look at the total number of many flash cards you need.

Assuming you only flash the same 100 flash cards (flashing less than 1 sec) for 2 weeks.

This means your child would have learned from 200 flash cards in a month.

That will be a minimum of 2,400 flash cards in a year.

How to get your thousands of flash cards?

  1. Make your own (DIY) and exchange with friends

  2. Buy online from several websites.

  3. Use as your resource

If you would like to find out more about the most convenient and cost-effective way to get your flash cards, Click Here

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