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What Is "Right Brain Education/ Training" And How It Works?

The Right Brain Education method is about training and developing the child’s brain.

By using the right processes, the baby’s 5 senses which are hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch will be stimulated, and this will expand their learning capabilities.

Dr. Makoto Shichida (founder of the Shichida Method) has been researching early childhood development since 1951. He is convinced that all babies are born geniuses.

At the same time for the past 25 years, a lot of scholars in this field have also carried out their own research and come out with the same conclusion.

Every child is born as geniuses.

The right side of the brain is also known as the subconscious brain. The majority of us use 3% of our innate capability.

The right brain abilities of the baby are:

  • Photographic memory

  • Computer-like calculation

  • Language acquisition ability

All the abilities mentioned are the baby’s innate abilities.

Dr. Shichida believes that the happiness and success of the child depend on the utilisation of the right brain function.

Mother bonding with her baby

The Importance Of Repetition In Infant Education

Shichida believes a young child learns through repetition.

Repetition is important to an infant's intellectual development.

Some believe a child's creativity comes from spontaneous inspiration. Research proves otherwise.

When you teach your child, the keyword is, repetition and speed.

The Process Of Developing Creative And Thinking Skills

A newborn from zero knowledge receives an input of knowledge through spoken words which later will develop into commutative language.

It is important, especially in the early years of your child that you teach your child a huge quantity of words.

The words will be embedded into their thoughts. From the thoughts, they will manifest their ability to think, plan and create.

Which means,

the quantity of words is directly related to the quality of thought.

It is therefore important to teach your child as many words because it improves their thinking.

Parents should use flash cards, books or talk to their baby as much because the child will increase their intelligence, creativity, and thinking ability.

So it is IMPORTANT to start teaching as early as possible and as much as possible.

To learn more about Right Brain Education Method, click here.

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