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"Learn to Tell the Time" using Right Brain Method

"Learn to Tell the Time" using Shichida and Heguru Method
"Learning Time Clock" developed by RightBrainEducationLibrary.Com

Telling time is part of learning mathematics. Once your child learned his addition and multiplication, you can teach your child to read the clock.

Your child can learn to tell time by using the Right Brain flashcard method. It is easy for your child to read the time. The normal recommended age is 5 years old and above.

If your child started right brain education at an earlier age, your child could start learning earlier

and will be able to read the clock below 5 years old.

Why is the "Tell the time (Analog)" flash cards so unique?

  • It has two different dials. One tells the hour and the other tells the minute. Most of the courses do not come with that.

  • The flash card comes with words and the right way to read the time (for example, o'clock, half past, quarter past and others).

  • Effective learning method using Right Brain Education Method.

The complete "Learning to tell the time" flash card collection comes in Analog and Digital clocks.

We will be adding more!

Your child will learn to tell the time by flashing the cards regularly using right brain education training methods.

Other than learning the time your child is doing their right brain training.

Your child will learn more from the library. To find out more, click here.

Happy Teaching!

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