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How To Get Your Child To Focus on Flash Card Lessons?

I just found some interesting articles, and I would love to share them with you...

I found this article from a well-known educational magazine for teachers. Here are some tips given by teachers, for teachers.

"Detox" them slowly with deep breathing, music, story games, and even meditative penmanship.

child learning to focus
  1. Song Cycle - I play 3 soft, soothing songs after recess before I start teaching. It really works! - Allison H.

  2. Deep Breathing - My students and I practice yoga breathing techniques. In through the nose, arm up, out through the mouth, arms down, I find it focuses me as well. - Teri R.

  3. Tiny Bubbles - I like to integrate sensory activities into the class after recess: I Move, blow bubbles, and even do yoga. - Julie C.

  4. Use The O2 - Brain research shows that one of the best times to teach a lesson is after recess. I start a new brain activity right after some deep breathing exercises. - Michelle B.

  5. Brain Gym - I love Brain Gym! There is a great video on YouTube if I ever need inspiration. These exercises help refocus my class and are extremely helpful on test days. - Rebecca W.

  6. Smart Detox - I either do a story build game to help students with their vocabulary or a times table game for math help. I like to detox them slowly rather than expect them to sit down at once. - Eunice H.

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library

I hope you find the short article useful.

Teachers use creative ways to get their students to focus. Why shouldn't parents too?

Have a Good Day!

David Duncan

Chief Librarian

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