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What To Teach In Right Brain Education?

By understanding what to teach your baby or toddler using “right brain education” method, you will teach your child more effectively.

Here are 5 skills to focus and train your child in “right brain education” -

  1. Photographic Memory

  2. Speed Reading

  3. Language Mastery

  4. Speed Mathematics

  5. Super Creativity

After succeeding in activating the right brain ability, children can learn things quite easily in any school.”

- Professor Makoto Shichida, founder of the Shichida Method

The best age to teach your child is 0 to 3 years old because the right side of the brain is the most dominant during this period.

To train the right brain abilities, you need the learning materials like flash cards and memory exercises.

By understanding the 5 skills you need to teach your baby or toddler, you know what learning materials you need to prepare.

Discover the type of flashcards, memory exercises, and more of what is right brain education.

right brain education program (access to flash cards and right brain education activities)


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