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How To Start Your Baby/Toddler's Flashcard Lessons (For Starters)

Teaching your baby/toddler flashcards at home is easy.

If your baby or toddler is new to flashcards, here is what you can do to kick start your child's right brain lessons at home.

1. Start with 50 flashcards per session (once a day is enough) and gradually increase the number of cards to 100 and more.

2. Do it daily (you can take a day off per week).

3. 50 flashcards (25 math dots and 25 picture cards.

4. Show the same cards for 2 weeks before introducing new flashcards.

How do you use the library to teach your baby/toddler?

The right brain education library gives you the flexibility of how you can teach your child.

Here are the ways you can use the library

1. "Click and Play" flashcard lessons. All the flashcards (math and picture cards) are specially selected for you. You only need to choose the lesson and click play.

2. The library collection. After using the "Click and Play", you also have the flexibility to customise your toddler's flashcard lessons based on your child's interests and talent.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend you to start with the "Click and Play" lessons. As you go through these lessons with your child, you will get the idea of how "right brain" flashcard lessons are done.

The right brain education library also comes with the "Home Practice Guide" where there is a resource of tips on how to teach your baby and how to teach your child using the Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman Method.


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