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Make Your Home Lessons FUN Using "Right Brain Flashcards" Method

right brain flash cards

To make your reading and math lessons fun and effective, follow these 11 useful tips:

Our favourite advice is No. 4.

  1. Begin as young as possible.

  2. Be joyous at all times.

  3. Respect and trust your child.

  4. Teach only when you and your child are happy.

  5. Create a good learning environment.

  6. Stop before your child wants to stop.

  7. Introduce new materials often.

  8. Be organized and consistent.

  9. Do not test your child.

  10. Prepare your materials carefully and stay ahead.

  11. Remember the fail-safe law: if you aren't having a wonderful time and your child isn’t having a wonderful time - stop. You are doing something wrong.

Teaching your child may take you 5 minutes a day.

However, it may take you hours to prepare your child's flashcard materials.

Discover how can save you time by providing all the flashcards for your baby/toddler needs.


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