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Affirmations for Babies and Toddlers (The 5-Minutes Auto-Suggestion)

Positive words, Positive mindset

What is "Affirmations for Babies and Toddlers"?

It is about providing your child with emotional support, safety, and encouragement.

Here are 3 ways of providing your baby or toddler affirmation:

  1. Physical Presence. Especially fathers, sometimes you do not have to say anything. Just by being present with your baby or toddler when they are playing is an affirmation. By providing a sense of security that you are there to take care of them.

  2. Say Positive Words. While playing with your baby, you can say encouraging words like, "You are good", "You are doing well" or "You can do it".

  3. Self Hypnosis/Auto-Suggestion. This can be used to cure bad habits or sickness, improve confidence, develop self-worth and self-worth. This is done just before your child sleeps.

What is Autosuggestion/Shichida 5 Minutes Suggestion?

"It is a psychological use of spoken words in a repetitive nature, to influence the subconscious mind, the main influencer of human behaviour."

The best time to do autosuggestion or the Shichida 5 minutes suggestion is when your baby or toddler is in a relaxed state and about 5 minutes before falling asleep (NOT when sleeping).

You can speak to your baby or play an audio recording.

When and How do I do positive affirmation with my baby/toddler?

Positive affirmation means using positive words. Here is when you can do...

  1. Before your child goes to sleep.

  2. Before and during their flashcard lessons at home.

  3. When your child behaves well.

  4. When your child accomplishes something.

The library comes with audio "The 5 Minutes Suggestion"/Auto Suggestion for you to program your baby/toddler's subconscious mind. This audio program can be played 5 minutes before your child falls asleep. Do continue to play if your child falls asleep during the audio program being played.

CLICK HERE to look at all the library collections.


The 5 Minutes Suggestion, should be played 5 minutes before your child falls asleep.


As your child begins to fall asleep, he drifts from the active "Beta" to "Alpha" and then "Theta" before eventually to "Delta" when he falls asleep. The Theta Window is our most receptive state and responds well to visions and suggestions. This is the time to do the autosuggestion.

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