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Discover 5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Child

It's Play Time with Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman Flashcads

Here is how you make your "Shichida, Heguru or Glenn Doman flash cards" lesson FUN.

1. When is the best time to teach my child?

It depends on your child. It can be before eating time, just after bathing time or before sleeping time. Create a routine. For example. if you teach your child after bathing time, your child will know next is flashcard time. Flashcard time must be a fun time for your child.

2. My baby just cannot sit still / not focused / hyperactive.

Teaching your child can also be like feeding a child. There are some babies, after feeding him with one or two spoonfuls of food, the baby will be busy crawling or looking elsewhere. The same goes for flashing cards to your baby. So "feed your child" with flash card knowledge with one or two sets of flashcards. Let him play and crawl. Continue flashing one or two sets of flashcards to him again.

3. How do make my lessons interesting?

Keep the flashcard lesson interesting. For example, if you are currently teaching Alphabet flash cards a, b, c, and d. You could flash a, c, b, d, and the next day d, a, c, b.

If it is the same a. b. c. and d, your child may get bored.

4. My child wants more flash cards?

Stick to your routine. Keep your lessons short and sweet. Keep it interesting by not over flashing. Increase the number of flashcards per lesson gradually. When it is time to stop, you just stop.

5. What if my child or I am tired and not in a good mood.

Stop and teach on another day. Don't teach your child until you or your child is in a jovial mood.


Teaching a child is like playtime to a child. We hope these tips are useful. If you have any questions email Have fun teaching!

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