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Photographic Memory Training Through Photo Image Exercise

The Photo Image Exercise is to develop your child's photographic memory.

First to be introduced by Professor Makoto Shichida, founder of The Shichida Method.

These exercises are done by all the Shichida schools around the world.

What is Photo Image Exercise?

This exercise is to train your child to visualize an image, and capture and hold that image.

This exercise develops your child's photographic memory abilities.

How does it work?

Your child will be given an image to look at for 30 seconds, then the image is removed from your child's sight.

Your child will be able to see is an "after image" or a negative film image.

After enough practice, your child can see the real/original image that was shown to your child.

These image exercises are done in Shichida classes.

For Shichida parents who wants to practice these exercises at home, our library has a complete collection of Photo Image Exercises.

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