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How Do I Know When I Am "Over Teaching" My Child?

Here are 5 possibilities:

1. Your child is constantly asking for more and more flashcards.

Answer: Use your judgment. You can show more cards, but you should not overdo it. Stop before he wants to stop.

2. He is pushing the flashcards away.

Answer: Your child is either tired, bored or it is time to move on to new flashcards.

3. How do I make my lessons interesting?

With enough flashcards in your collection, your child will be looking forward to learning new things and your lessons will be interesting.

4. My child wants more flashcards.

Stick to your routine. Keep your lessons short and sweet and retain his interest by not showing too many cards. Increase the number of flashcards per lesson gradually. When it is time to stop, you just stop.

5. What if my child or I am tired and not in a good mood?

Stop and teach on another day. Don't teach your child until both of you are in a jovial mood.

Mother teaching her child


Teaching a child is like playtime to him. We hope these tips are useful for your Glenn Doman or Shichida flashcard lessons at home. For more info about flashcards for your baby/toddler, click here.

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