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Is it OK for my baby to play with the "right brain education" flashcards?

Are you using Shichida or Glenn Doman Method flashcards to teach your baby at home?

According to Glenn Doman and Makoto Shichida, the answer is NO.


Your baby might lose interest in their flashcard lessons.

Glenn Doman Flashcards

Let me explain......

Babies by nature are very curious and love to explore. When you pass them a toy, they will touch, feel, bite, knock it or taste it.

They will do this, especially with things that are not supposed to be touched, like kitchen utensils, electronic items or anything they can get their hands on.

Once your baby is done “exploring”, they will throw the object aside and move on to another.

The same goes for flashcards; once they have "played" with the flashcards they will throw them aside.

So you may face resistance when you want to teach them using the same flashcards because your baby thinks he is done "playing" with the flashcards.

Here is what you should do...
  1. Do not let your baby touch the flashcards, even when you are teaching.

  2. If your baby wants to touch the flashcards, talk to your baby, tell them it is for them to see and learn new things.

  3. After teaching, put away the flashcard materials out of sight of your baby.


Whether you are using digital or printable flashcards, you should not let your baby play with them. You may let your baby play with toys that help them develop their motor skills and improve their brain development.

We do have a lot of other useful tips to help you teach your child effectively. Check out the other articles and the types of flashcard materials you can use to teach your child.

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