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How to Teach Your Baby To Read Using "Glenn Doman Flash Cards" Method

We feel that the Glenn Doman reading program/kits are proven and effective. Through his years of research and experiments, he has developed his own "Teach Your Baby To Read" flashcard program.

  • What types of Glenn Doman reading programs are available?

  • Where to buy Glenn Doman’s flash cards?

  • What do we recommend?

Teaching using Glenn Doman Method

If you are thinking of purchasing the complete Doman flashcard reading program, here is the list and some details about his reading program.

- The Doman Advantage - New Born Kit (suitable for 4 months old) - Also known as the "Baby Brain Development" kit. It consists of black, white, and red flashcards, single-word flashcards, and "shape of objects"/patterns flashcards. These flashcards are used to stimulate the senses, like vision, hearing, and touch.

- The Doman Advantage - English Reading Kit (4 to 12 months old) - The flashcards in this kit cover basic objects that surround the baby's environment and are an introduction to simple 4 to 5-word sentences. For example, apple, pear, dog, mummy, daddy, and others. The goal is to develop basic skills like word recognition, object recognition, and speech training. The English Reading flashcard kit is a continuation of the New Born kit.

- Glenn Doman - English Reading Kit (4 to 72 months old) - This program is a comprehensive reading program that covers flashcard topics from the New Born and English Reading kit and other more advanced reading flashcards.

Glenn Doman Flash Cards Library

- Encyclopaedic - Bits of Intelligence (6 months to 72 months) - This is a box set of flashcards that cover subjects like Biology, Music, Art, Basic Vocabulary and Mathematics. The Glenn Doman flashcards include topics like flowers, birds, mammals, flags, countries, vegetables, musical instruments, famous artists and musicians, art, and many more.

Where to buy Glenn Doman flash cards?

It depends on which country you are in. Today you can find the Glenn Doman Method (Methode) available in many countries.

Glenn Doman Reading flashcards are now available in many languages including Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Bahasa Indonesian, and many more.

You can go online to look for sellers that sell Glenn Doman's programs. His reading programs are proven and effective, however, they are not cheap.


Before you start your child on Glenn Doman's reading lessons, we would highly recommend:

  • Read Doman's "How To Teach Your Baby To Read" book. This book explains how teaching your child can be fun and enjoyable.

  • You can then purchase his Reading Kit.

  • You can also join, which has 28,919 flashcards that follow Glenn Doman's method.

Right Brain Education Library has been used by parents teaching their babies and toddlers using the Glenn Doman Method. To learn how you can expand your child's learning capabilities, click here.

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